Windcave is an EFTPOS solution that integrates with most major point-of-sales systems, providing integrated EFTPOS and payment solutions to the customers globally, and complying with local and international standards. Cin7 Core POS can integrate directly with Windcave, allowing you to link your device with Cin7 Core POS to an EFTPOS pinpad to process payments, exchanges, and returns.

Payment processing platforms do not require a subscription add-on in Cin7 Core.  

Windcave is available for users in UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, and several European countries, please see Windcave documentation for a full list. 


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Connect Windcave to Cin7 Core

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The first step in integrating with Cin7 Core POS is to connect Windcave to Cin7 Core.  

  1. Go to Integrations → Cin7 Core POS via the Cin7 Core web portal. 
  2. In the Setup tab, toggle Use Windcave to Yes. Enter your Windcave credentials which you should obtain from your Windcave account. 
  3. Next, go to the Outlets tab and look for the Windcave station field. Enter your Windcave PIN pad ID that is to be linked to the POS register.
  4. Click Save.

Pair PIN pad with POS terminal

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Now that Windcave has been enabled, the final step is to connect your PIN pad to your register.  

  1. Log on to Cin7 Core POS and open the outlet and register where you want to connect Windcave. 
  2. Click Setup → Payment Setup.
  3. Select Windcave from the list of card payment systems. 
  4. Click Save. Once setup is finished, you can already use Windcave in the terminal.

Remove pairing

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Removing the pairing between your POS terminal and Windcave PIN pad. 

  1. Log on to DEAR POS and open the Outlet and Register where you want to remove the paring with Linkly Cloud. 
  2. Click Setup → Payment Setup.
  3. Select Remove Pairing. This removes the old PIN pad from the system. After removing the pairing, any PIN pad can be paired with the terminal using the process described above. 

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