You can offer gift cards to your customers that they can then use to pay for your products and services. Gift cards can be bought and redeemed via Cin7 Core POS but can also be used for sales made in Cin7 Core web portal. In this article, we will explain how gift cards can be bought and redeemed through the POS application only, please see gift cards for further general information. All POS users can generate and redeem gift cards in POS.

Below are some important considerations when using gift cards:

  • Cin7 Core gift cards can NOT be used through third-party e-commerce channels such as Shopify or WooCommerce.
  • The customer's currency must match the store base currency in order to generate or redeem a gift card.
  • Gift cards, once enabled, will automatically appear as a product in your store and as a payment type during checkout.
  • B2B can only be used to redeem gift cards, not sell them.


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Generating gift cards

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Gift cards can be generated in the same way as a normal sale through POS. The gift card item will appear in your store inventory once it has been enabled in the Cin7 Core settings. Gift cards generated via POS can be redeemed for sales through Cin7 Core web and Cin7 Core B2B stores.

NOTE: You will need to list the gift card item in your POS catalog for it to appear as an item for sale.

  1. In POS, search Gift card to bring up the gift card item from your catalog.
  2. Click the Gift card item to open a pop-up window.
  3. Enter a Gift card code manually, or click the Scan barcode icon to open your camera device to scan the code.
  4. An expiration date will be provided if Gift card expiration is enabled in Cin7 Core. This can be changed manually or deleted if required.
  5. Enter a Gift card price.
  6. Save the gift card.
  7. Complete the sale as usual.

Redeeming gift cards

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Once enabled in the settings, Gift card will appear as a payment method when processing a sale through Cin7 Core POS. Gift cards can be redeemed during a POS sale, even if they have been generated in-app.

NOTE: Gift cards can only be redeemed if the gift card currency matches the POS store currency.

  1. In POS, add items to the order as usual.
  2. Click Pay to check out.
  3. Select Gift Card.
  4. A pop-up window will open. Enter the Gift Card Code or use your device camera to scan. If the amount to pay is greater than the gift card balance, the full gift card balance will be used, and the remainder must be paid with another payment method.
  5. Complete the sale as usual.

Giving gift cards as a refund

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Customers can be refunded in the form of Gift Cards. See Using POS - Basics (make, exchange, return sales) for more information on selling and handling returns via Cin7 Core Point of Sale.

  1. Go to Sell → Sales History and open a sale that has already been completed.
  2. Select a customer or add a new one.
  3. Click Return.
  4. Select the item to be refunded and click Refund.
  5. Choose to give the refund as Store credit and Confirm.
  6. Go back to the Register.
  7. Search for the gift card item, enter or scan a gift card code, and set the Gift card price to the refund amount.
  8. At the checkout, use the Store credit option to load the refund value onto a new gift card.
  9. Complete the sale as usual.

Cashing in/refunding gift cards

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Enable gift card refund must be active in Cin7 Core settings (Settings → General Settings → Gift card settings) before gift cards can be refunded/cashed in.

NOTE: Refunds can only be processed for unused gift cards, not partial balances.

  1. In POS, go to Sell → Sales history and select an unused gift card sale.
  2. Click Return.
  3. Click Refund.
  4. Choose how to refund the purchase (credit card, cash, customer credit, etc.).
  5. Confirm to complete the refund.

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