Email templates and emailing suppliers/customers

DEAR allows you to email all Purchase and Sale Order forms from the system. To do this:

  1. Click on the E-Mail button on the Purchase/Sale Order screen.
  2. Select the document you wish to email.

By default, a blank email with a blank subject line will open, with the document attached as a PDF. You can uncheck the box next to the PDF document to send an email without the document attached. The To field is auto-filled from the customer/supplier information but can be changed. In General Settings you can specify the email address you will be using to send messages, as well as the email sender to CC & Global BCC address.

To save time, you may want to set email templates for your sales/purchase documents. Email and document templates in DEAR are created in MS Word using Mail Merge. See Manage Document and Email Templates for more in-depth information. 

By default, none of the DEAR provided documents have an email template set. Go to Settings -> Documents & Templates to add new templates. 

Here, we will show you how to add an email subject line and a simple email body template with a company signature for the purchase order. 

NOTE: When editing templates, it is important to make changes to the field codes, not the field names. <<field names are displayed like this>>. {MERGEFIELD field codes are displayed like this}. You can make field codes visible by:

  • right-clicking on a field and selecting Toggle Field Code 
  • OR using Alt +F9 (on Windows) or Option + F9 (on Mac) to show/hide all field codes on the document.

Adding an email template:

  1. We will start by downloading and opening the default purchase order template from Settings -> Document & Email Templates
  2. Using the existing template, we can delete the parts we do not want to use (e.g. footer content, tables). By copying and pasting the required fields, as well as adding new ones if necessary – in this example, (MyName) field has been added using the steps shown in Manage Document and Email Templates - Add a field. Remember to make all changes when field codes are toggled on using Alt + F9/Option + F9. 
  3. Right-click any changed fields and select Update Fields to show your changes. 
  4. Check that any TableStart tag has a matching TableEnd tag, then save your template.

  5. On the Manage Document & Email Templates screen, select a purchase order. 
  6. Add an email subject line – when you click the email subject field, a menu appears with clickable options which can be inserted into the email subject line.
  7. Choose the new email template, and Save your changes.

Now when emailing a purchase order to a supplier, your new email template will be applied:

An example email template is attached below.

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