Product labels can be directly printed from the DEAR WMS mobile app using the Print Labels feature, which can be accessed from the DEAR WMS menu. You can only print one product label at a time. To be able to print, you must connect a printer to the app. You can also save the product label as a PDF file for later printing in case you don't have a printer at your current location. This is a Standard WMS feature and available to all users.

Most USB plugged in printers will be compatible with DEAR, however we cannot confirm if a device is compatible without testing it and confirming it ourselves. Please see a list of hardware that has been tested for compatibility, we recommended testing a printer before purchasing if it does not appear on the list of tested devices. 

NOTE: This article refers to printing PRODUCT LABELS not SHIPPING LABELS. Shipping labels are printed using the Pack feature of the WMS app. 

Print product labels in DEAR WMS:

  1. Log on to the DEAR WMS mobile app.
  2. On the Working area, select the location of the product, then click Next.
  3. On the Main Menu, select Print Labels.
  4. On the Print Labels page, enter the item number or scan the product's UPC code, then click Search.
  5. If the search finds a product or several products that match the item number or UPC code, the product/s is/are displayed below the Search button. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.
  6. Select one or more products, then click Print Labels.
  7. If the product does not have a bar code, an error message is displayed. If the product has a bar code, you will be taken to the next page. Select the required number of copies to print and the layout for the printed copy.
  8. On the Print preview dialog, make sure that the value of the margins is set to none, then click the Print button to print the product label or save the label as a PDF.

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