Q: Is there a robust CRM (e.g. Capsule, WorkEtc, Salesforce, Solve) that you can integrate with?

A: Yes, there is a Capsule integration. You can integrate DEAR with Salesforce using Zapier.

Q: Just wondering if you can shed any light on the upcoming integration with Capsule CRM? Looking to find out how the two link and what information will be shared between them? Specifically will the two systems share contacts? Also does Dear integrate or will it integrate with Nimble CRM?

A: Yes, integration is ready and two systems share information like conatcts, this is a primary goal of integration. We don't consider Nimble CRM currently

Q: I can't seem to load contacts from Capsule even though it says we are connected.

A: Seems like you reset API key in Capsule. Every time when you reset API key , please disconnect your capsule account in DEAR and connect again. Our app can't load data from Capsule because API keys have been changed.

Q: We have a Dear client who is looking for a CRM. We noticed Capsule is currently being beta tested ... Any idea how long before it is available and any idea if there are other CRMs in the pipeline ? does it also pull through outstanding invoice balances back into capsule so sales staff have a picture of what is outstanding?

A: The Capsule CRM is already available and can be used by navigating to Integration > Capsule and following instructions and well as the video tutorial. Currently the integration imports contacts from Capsule and turns these into either customers or suppliers. Currently this level of integration with Capsule does not supported. You can comprehensive integration with Salpo CRM.

Q: We are using the DEAR system together with XERO and CAPSULE. Our accounts on DEAR have duplicated delivery addresses assigned to them, we are not sure why this has happened as the import was correct. I went through a few yesterday and deleted them. Today on looking in on a few of these accounts these duplicates have yet again reappeared. When checking XERO and CAPSULE, the addresses there are correct-thus I am sure the issue lies in DEAR?

A: DEAR tries to match address by First +  Second line and if match found then existing address will be updated, otherwise new created when you importing contacts from Capsule or from Xero.  Please check if you have wrong address entry in one of your systems (Capsule or Xero) integrated with DEAR.

Q: Can you direct me to information on integrating with capsuleCRM?

A: Here is the video tutorial explaining the process of connecting to Capsule Essentially DEAR pulls contact information from Capsule and creates Customer and Supplier records.

Q: Please provide documentation about Capsule Integration?

A: Please find documentation about Capsule CRM integration 

Q: A few questions about the CapsuleCRM & DEAR Integration please:

1. Which system is the master?

2. If you update CapsuleCRM, does it automatically update DEAR?

3. How often does the sync happen?

4. If you delete a contact in CapsuleCRM, what happens in DEAR?

A: Thanks for your email please see responses below:

1. Capsule is the master

2. DEAR does not automatically pull or push information to Capsule. Manual contacts download is required

3. Sync is initiated manually

4. In DEAR contacts won't be deleted.

Q: Some of my clients have filled out Credit Applications that reflect their Credit Limit, and other important details relating to that client. Is it possible to attach a file to a Customer?

A: Unfortunately we don't have this option now. You may consider using CRM system like Capsule CRM that integrates with DEAR and allows keeping clients communications

Q: I have just run a Customer report and exported to a CSV and noticed a couple of things:

1) Each customer appears 2 or 3 times on the list instead of once. Why?

2) We have run the Capsule to Dear export to Synch our data a couple of times. I am noticing that each customer seems to now have had created a CONTACT person in DEAR with the organisation's name in the Customer Contact field. It should not be there.

Can you please advise how this might have happened and How it may be corrected and avoided in future Synch's of the 2 systems? I am assuming that is how it happened.


1. Customer may appear several times if it has multiple contact/address details.

2. Unfortunately there is no 1 to 1 mapping between Capsule and DEAR contact database structure. If Capsule organisation has contact info (like phone, website, email, etc, then we need to create contact for the customer/supplier to hold this information and contact name = customer/supplier name in this case. Additional parties could be added to the same contacts if they are people, but they will have their own name and phones/emails, etc.

Q: We are looking to evaluate integrating DEAR with any CRM, and I gues the one supported is Capsule. However, we could not find any information about what to expect out of this integration. Can you please provide some insight?

A: The Capsule integration is described here , essentially the integration allows the contacts to be imported from Capsule and on the basis of this creates Supplier and Customer contacts.


1) Please advise how we merge multiple customer cards as we have found a duplicate card with slightly different name.

2) When Synching Capsule to Dear can you clarify EXACTLY what happens please in these circumstances:

2.1) What addresses in CAPSULE get transferred/merged/created with what addresses in Dear ie In CAPSULE they are tagged either HOME / POSTAL or OFFICE and in Dear they are tagged BILLING / BUSINESS or SHIPPING.

2.2) Further to 2.2 we need to understand how to flag the address fields in CAPSULE to get the appropriate type of address in Dear.

2.3) When we do the Synch if the system finds a card in CAPSULE that has the same name as a card in DEAR and has some different details like different or additional addresses/contacts/phone numbers does it ADD the different details it finds in CAPSULE to the DEAR card or OVERWRITE the details it finds in DEAR?

2.4) If the system cannot find an identical card name in DEAR will it create a new card?

2.5) Is there ever a risk of duplicate cards being created?


1. Currently we don't such function. We will develop contact merge by the end of this year.

2.1 Please check this doc 

2.2 The same as above

2.3 If address or contact is not found on mapped DEAR Customer/Supplier, then new contact/address will be created. Otherwise if found existing contact/address will be updated.

2.4 If system can't find relevant contact, it will create a new customer/supplier once you authorise it to be customer or supplier (if it is not identified by tags automatically)

2.5 DEAR has unique constraint on Customer Names and Supplier Names. There can be the same Customer and Supplier, but it is not possible to create 2 customers or suppliers with the same name.

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