DEAR Payments is DEAR's own payments platform, designed to let your customers pay for their transactions with ease. DEAR Payments complies with PCI standards, uses TLS 1.2 encryption for both transaction and checkout, and works with all invoices generated in DEAR. The platform is especially handy if you are using DEAR B2B Portal. 

IMPORTANT! DEAR Payments is currently undergoing beta testing. If your organisation has an active DEAR subscription, you can join the beta testing program for the service. Aside from integrating with DEAR Inventory, support for DEAR B2B Portal is included in the DEAR Payments Beta, with DEAR POS support coming in a future version.

Once signed up for DEAR Payments, you can view historical transactions, payouts, refunds and disputes via the Dashboard section on the DEAR Payments Integration page. To allow your customers to pay for their transactions, you can define a payment document containing a link to DEAR Payments.

If you have already signed up for the service and set up your DEAR Payments account, you can start using DEAR Payments (see Using the DEAR Payments Dashboard for more information).

NOTE: Aside from DEAR Payments, DEAR also supports Stripe and PayPal as payment processors. See PayPal Integration and Stripe Integration for more information.


  • Business registration in Australia (required)
  • Active DEAR Inventory subscription (required)

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As of January 31, 2020, DEAR Payments only supports merchant accounts in Australia.

DEAR will inform customers about the rollout of the platform in their own locations when the time comes.

Signing Up for DEAR Payments

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The DEAR Payment Gateway integration page will only be available to DEAR Inventory accounts with active subscriptions. You can sign up for DEAR Payments if you have an active DEAR Inventory subscription.

There are three (3) steps involved in signing up for DEAR Payments:

  1. Generate and sign the DEAR Payments Service Agreement
  2. Complete the DEAR merchant account application by entering your business and related information
  3. DEAR verifies your information and approves your application

After you have signed the DEAR Payments Service Agreement and entered your business and account details, DEAR verifies your information and approves your application for DEAR Payments.

Generate and Sign the DEAR Payments Service Agreement

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You will need to generate and sign the DEAR Payments Service Agreement for DEAR to approve your application.

To generate the DEAR Payments Service Agreement:

  1. Click Integrations > DEAR Payments.
  2. On the DEAR Payments Setup page, click the Generate Agreement button to generate the DEAR Payments Service Agreement, which you will receive via the email address you provided when you set up your DEAR account.

    If you want to test the service, click the Generate Agreement for Sandbox button, then the Sign Agreement for Sandbox. Skip to Step 4.

  1. Open the email when it arrives in your inbox and click Review Documents to open the DEAR Payments Service Agreement on the DocuSign web app. Review and sign the document to confirm your agreement to the DEAR Payments Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: Although you may choose to sign the DEAR Payments Service Agreement at a later time, you will need to sign it by the time you complete the last step in this setup process in order for DEAR to verify your account.

  1. Back on the DEAR Payments Setup page, click Next to continue with the DEAR Payments setup process. 

Complete the Application

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After signing the DEAR Payments Service Agreement, you will need to enter the required information for DEAR to approve your application. You will be asked to perform the following:

The above details are entered via their own separate pages on the DEAR Payments Setup page. The required information may vary depending on your country of operation.

NOTE: If you fail to complete the application for any reason, you can always go back to the page you filled up last by navigating to Integrations > DEAR Payments.

Enter your Business and Accounting Information

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This is divided into two sections: 

  • Business Details
  • Accounting Configuration.

To enter your business and related information:

  1. On the DEAR Payments Setup page, after generating the DEAR Payments Service Agreement, click Next.
  2. On the Business Details section, enter your business name and URL, tax ID, and full address. You will also need to select your business type and merchant category from the lists.

  3. On the Accounting Configuration section at the bottom, select or enter the following:
    • Accrual Account
      This is the payment account that will be added to the invoice lines when generating payments for invoices. For example, when the customer pays for the invoice, DEAR will automatically add the payment by stamping the name of this selected account on the invoice. This account will accumulate all the payments collected under the merchant account. Accounts with Type = Current Assets under the Chart of Accounts section in DEAR are available for selection from the list.
    • Bank Account
      This is the actual Bank Account that, if enabled, will be used for merchant payouts. For more information, see Payouts in DEAR Payments.
    • DEAR Payments Fee Account
      This is the expense account used to store the fees that DEAR collects from your account. When payment is received for an invoice, DEAR adds payment lines to the invoice with the amount of the payments. DEAR also adds manual journals to the invoice and authorises manual journals with the amount of the fee that DEAR subtracted (DEAR Payments fees) from the total payment amount. The fee will then be credited to the DEAR Payments fee account and debited from the Accrual Account.
    • Balance to Hold
      This is the amount that DEAR will withhold from the payouts meant for your Bank account. DEAR will use this amount for refunds. For more information, see Refunds in DEAR Payments.
  4. Click Save, then Next to go to the Business Representative Details page, where you will be required to enter detailed information about your authorised business representative(s) (see Enter your Business Representatives' Details).

Enter Information about your Authorised Business Representatives

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DEAR Payments requires details about your authorised business representatives. The required information may vary depending on your country of operation as well as your business type (see Enter your Business and Accounting Information).

Generally, there are four (4) types of authorised business representatives, namely:

  • Account Opener (required)
  • Director (required)
  • Owner (required)
  • Executive (optional).

IMPORTANT! Since you are signing up for DEAR Payments for the first time, the Account Opener box is checked by default and cannot be edited. As the Account Opener, you can also check the Owner/Director/Executive boxes, if applicable. If you are only going to add yourself in this section, you are required to check the Owner and Director roles as well. You can also add different persons for the mandatory Owner and Director roles, as well as the optional Executive role.

To enter detailed information about your business representatives:

  1. After entering your business and accounting information, click the Next button at the bottom of the Business Details page.
  2. On the Business Representative Details page, click the button at the bottom.

  3. Check the box or boxes corresponding to the position(s) of the business representative. For example, if you are the Account Opener, check the Account Opener box. If you hold any of the other required positions, e.g. Director and Executive, check all the boxes corresponding to these positions.
  4. Enter the job title, first and last name, date of birth, email address and full address, and telephone number of the business representative (required fields are marked with an asterisk *). 
  5. To add more representatives, repeat steps 2-4. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.
  6. Click Save, then Next to go to the Connect to Bank Account page, where you will be asked to enter information about your bank accounts (for more details, see Enter your Bank Account Information).

Enter your Bank Account Information

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Once you have entered the required information about your business representatives (see Enter your Business Representatives' Details above), you can enter information about the bank account that DEAR will use to send payouts for your customers' transactions.

To enter information about your bank account(s): 

  1. After entering information about your business representatives, click the Next button on the Business Representative Details page.
  2. On the Connect to Bank Account page, toggle the Use for Payouts button to Yes if you want your future payouts from DEAR Payments to be sent to the bank account.

  3. Enter your bank account number and BSB number. To add more bank accounts, go to Step 4. Otherwise, skip to Step 5.
  4. Click the New Bank Account button at the bottom, then repeat Steps 2-3. You may add as many accounts as you want.
  5. Click Save.
  6. After adding your bank account(s), click Next to go to the Additional Information page, where you can upload supporting documents related to your business representatives (see Upload Supporting Documents).

Upload Supporting Documents

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DEAR requires submission of at least two (2) valid identification documents for your nominated business representative(s). Although acceptable ID documents may vary depending on your country of operation, in general, these documents must meet the following guidelines:

  • Government-issued IDs, e.g. passports and driver's licenses, are acceptable in most locations. 
  • Both the front and back of IDs must be uploaded.
  • A photo card is required if your business is located in New South Wales.
  • Documents must be in colour.
  • Size should be smaller than 8,000px by 8,0000px.
  • Images should be in JPEG or PNG.
  • File Size should be less than 10MB.
  • The name on the ID document should match the name provided by the merchant for the Account.

To upload supporting documents:

  1. After entering and saving your bank account information (see Enter your Bank Account Information above), click the Next button at the bottom of the Connect to Bank Account page.
  2. On the Additional Information page, you will see the names of your business representatives and fields where you can upload the required supporting documents. Browse your computer for the image files to upload, then click Save to upload the files. You may upload the files in bulk, or upload each image one by one.
  3. If there is an issue with a supporting document you uploaded, an error is displayed below the corresponding document. Resolve the issue, then upload the document again.
  4. Upon successful uploading, you will see your account status updated from Non-Verified Account to Account Verification Pending. You may have to wait a few days until the documents are verified (see Account Verification).

NOTE: Your account will remain as Non-Verified Account until you have uploaded the required supporting documents for your business representatives.

Account Verification

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After you submit your application, DEAR will start the account verification process, which may take a few days. DEAR may also ask for additional supporting documents, e.g. proof of address, that will help in the verification process at this time.

Once DEAR finishes the account verification process, you will get a notification at the email address you provided during account registration, informing you of the status of your application.

Upon approval of your application, your account status gets updated from Account Verification Pending to Verified Account, and you can already start using DEAR Payments. You will also see a Disable DEAR Payments button appear on your DEAR Payments Dashboard.

For more information about using DEAR Payments, see Using the DEAR Payments Dashboard.

NOTE: Account verification is performed only when you open your account with DEAR Payments. In case you add or change a business representative later, you will not be asked to submit supporting documents for your new representatives. However, in case of regulatory changes, you may be asked to undergo account verification again.

Disabling/Enabling DEAR Payments Integration

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In case you want to disable or disconnect the integration with DEAR Payments, click the Disable DEAR Payments button on your DEAR Payments Dashboard.

To re-enable the integration with DEAR Payments, click the Enable DEAR Payments button.

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