Customers that use Google's business suite can use DEAR's integration with Google Workspace to perform the following actions. 

  1. Adding/linking files directly from Google Drive
  2. Exporting report data from DEAR to Google Sheets 
  3. Exporting contacts from DEAR to Google via Google Workspace


  • Google Workspace account
  • Users will need the Cloud Integrations: Google Workspace permission in order to use this feature. 

Table of Contents

Connect to Google Workspace

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You can only connect to one Google Workspace account at a time. Sign in to DEAR with your Google Workspace account, and allow DEAR permission to share information with Google Workspace. Navigate to Integrations → Google Workspace and press Connect

Integration settings

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In the Setup tab, several integration settings can be customised.

Synchronise Contacts from DEAR to Google

Facilitates exporting of Customer or Supplier contacts from DEAR to Google. Enabling the setting will display the Contacts tab. See Export Customer/Supplier details to Google. 

Export Data from DEAR to Google Drive when Printing/ Emailing

Facilitates exporting printed/ emailed documents from DEAR to Google Drive. Enabling this setting will automatically export documents to Google Drive when the Print or Email option is clicked in various pages in DEAR (e.g. sale order, purchase order). 

  • When this setting is enabled, a Data Export Folder dropdown will appear for the user to select the default Google Drive location where all these exported documents should be stored. The user can choose a different location for each report individually at the time they are exported if required. 
  • When a document is printed/emailed for a certain task, and there is an already a printed/ emailed document for this task sale saved in Google Drive, the most recent file will override the previous file (e.g. when printing invoices). 

Report Export Folder

Select the default location that all the individual reports should be exported to. The user can choose a different location for each report individually at the time they are exported if required. 

Export Customer/Supplier details to G Suite

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Customer and Supplier details are exported to G Suite from the Contacts tab. The Contacts tab is enable when the users enables the Synchronisation Contacts from DEAR to Google setting from the Setup tab.

DEAR Contacts can be filtered by Active/Inactive status or Supplier/Customer contact type. 

Select which G-Suite Label to apply to the contacts and click Start to begin the export. 

Labels are created from your Google account. 

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. At the left under Labels click Create Label.
  3. Type a name, then click Save

Attach documents from Google Drive

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When G Suite integration is connected, it is possible to attach documents from Google Drive in any area of DEAR where attachments can be uploaded. Click Attach from Google Drive to attach the link to the relevant file in Google Drive. Links to files of any format can be attached. 

Export Reports from DEAR to Google Drive

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When Google Workspace integration is connected, the option Export → Save to Google Drive is available for every report in DEAR's Report module which allows file export. The user will be prompted to select a file format and export location. 

Similarly, in the Report Scheduling module, a Save to Google Drive option will be visible. The user can select where the generated report should be stored.

View Logs

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The user can view all previous synchronisation and export details from the Logs tab. Click Refresh to update the view and show the most recent data. 

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