Q: We had sent a customer an invoice to make payment and after clicking on PAY WITH STRIPE, an error message popped up: Invalid Email address. The customer said that that is indeed his email address though. Please advise.

A: Please check if there is a leading and/or ending space in the email as most probably this causes the issue with not recognising the email.

Q: On 19 September 2019, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe introduced the so-called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements for authenticating online payments? When will your integration with Stripe be SCA-ready?

A: DEAR has already implemented the SCA requirements in its integration with Stripe since late 2019, a year ahead of its required full implementation by the end of 2020.

Q: Can you send us the invoice template, so that we can offer Stripe payments on our invoices?
A: You may download a sample template for Stripe Payment from

Q: I'm having difficulty getting the Stripe payment option to appear on my sales invoices. I have used the { MERGEFIELD StripePay} as described in the notes but it doesn't seem to be working. Do you have an example of how it is used?

A: You may toggle field codes by pressing option Option + F9 for Mac or ALT + F9 for Windows to view the field code for MERGEFIELD StripePay. You may need to connect your DEAR account with Stripe to get it working. If the sample invoice available at doesn't work for you, then you need to make sure that your Stripe account has connected successfully.

Q: Is there a way to send customers, through PayPal, an invoice from DEAR with a link to process the invoice via credit cards? 

A: Yes, we support two payment processors, namely PayPal and Stripe. Check the following links for more details on how these platforms work with DEAR: PayPal Integration and Stripe IntegrationIn addition, we hope to release DEAR Payments, our very own payment platform, soon.

Q: I want to create an invoice that, when I email out, can provide a link to pay via credit card or PayPal. Can you please advise me on how to do that? Also, I am looking to set up a generic email that, when I send it out to the customers, displays the invoice amount and also addresses the email to the appropriate contact.

A: You will need to add one of the following mail merge fields to your invoice depending on the payment processor used: Pay with PayPal or Pay with Stripe, or you can use both.

See our guide on Editing Email Templates for more details. You may also view our Template Editing video tutorial.

Q: I’ve set up Stripe integration. How do I enter manual orders and run the customer's card without getting out of DEAR?

A: Once you have set up the integration and added StripePay mail merge field to your document template, you can navigate to Sale > New Sale, create a new sale order and complete the Invoice tab. Then you can print the invoice as PDF and follow the link.

Q: Is it possible to let our sales agents record Stripe payments on the Sale screen? We take card payments over the phone so this would be a useful addition.

A: At this stage, payments can only be taken with the Pay with Stripe button which needs to be included in the invoice template. Your sales reps can just as easily open the file as PDF and click on that button which will take them to the screen where they need to input customer credit card details. You can also indicate the sales representative on the Sale screen.

Q: Stripe Pay merge field isn't working anymore on quotes and invoices. 

A: Check if you have an Authorised Invoice Tab. The Stripe Pay button may be missing because the Invoice tab is not Authorised.

Q: I tried to set up Stripe, but I'm getting an error on the Setup page when I click Connect to Stripe that I must enter the CVC.

A: You don't need to enter the CVC on the Setup page. If the error persists, you may contact our Support team at with the screenshot detailing the error.

Q: We presently use the Stripe integration with Xero, which allows the customer to click a link in the invoice email, which takes them to the Stripe payment portal. Can the integration between DEAR and Stripe do the same?

A: Yes, our Stripe integration can do the same. Connect a Stripe payment account by navigating to Integration > Payment processors > Stripe, after which you can add attached invoices to your DEAR Account using the Stripe payment button or add a mail merge field to your invoice for the Stripe payment button.

Q: I am using my live API Keys but get the message 'Your card was declined.

A: You may send the details of your issue to Stripe support at DEAR does not have anything to do with this problem.

Q: I am wondering if, for each invoice or customer, we will have the option to either enable or disable credit card acceptance or not.

A: You can create a special invoice template where you add the 'StripePay' mail merge field and use it to generate invoices where you want Stripe enabled. Just make sure you give this template some distinct name.

Q: How does DEAR process fee deductions by Stripe?

A: Currently, DEAR does not capture any fee-related information from Stripe.

Still no answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with DEAR support.

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