Zone picking is a method of order picking that involves dividing a warehouse into a series of different zones with each warehouse employee trained to pick within an assigned zone. An order may be moved down a conveying system from zone to zone to have items added. The goal is to create greater speed in the picking process. It also allows specialisation based on skill level. For example, fork truck operators can be assigned to a zone that exclusively houses large items that must be picked with a lift.

Pick zones are an Advanced WMS feature and require this add-on to your base subscription. 

NOTE: Printing option for Pick Zones is currently not available for picking slips . However, user can print bin name and location. 

DEAR allows you to assign products to one or more Pick Zones to streamline picking. When using the WMS app, you will be given the option to select Pick Zone as well as Location during picking. 


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Create pick zones

Pick zones are created and managed from the Cin7 Core web portal.

  1. Navigate to Settings Reference Books Stock Locations & Bins and select the Pick Zones tab.
  2. Select a Location from the dropdown list. 
  3. Enter the Pick Zone name.
  4. Save your changes to finish. To remove a pick zone, press the delete icon next to the pick zone line. 

Assign pick zones to a product

Pick Zones are assigned at the product level via the Cin7 Core web portal. 

  1. Navigate to the product screen (Inventory Products [selected product]).
  2. In the Pick Zones field, select one or more pick zones from the list of pick zones in the selected Default Location.
  3. Save your changes to finish. 

NOTE: You can export your Inventory List in CSV format, enter the pick zones into the pick zones column, and import the updated Inventory List to update pick zones for many products at a time. To do this, go to Inventory Products and click Export

Using pick zones in WMS

Using pick zones will allow your staff member working in the warehouse who uses the WMS app to pick within an assigned zone so they do not have to wander around back and forth, but rather pick all products from a single zone and then move to another. WMS users can select pick zones from the Working area of the main menu. 

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