Delivery drivers need to view delivery tasks assigned to them, mark deliveries as complete, and record confirmation of delivery for organization records. Delivery tasks created either via DEAR POS or via the DEAR web portal will be passed to DEAR WMS. 

Delivery scheduling is an Advanced WMS feature and requires Advanced WMS to be added to your subscription. 


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View Delivery Schedule

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From the Home screen, select Delivery Schedule to view delivery task details, including delivery date and time, product lists, and customer contact and address. Users can see all delivery tasks assigned to that user, whether scheduled from DEAR web portal or any DEAR POS outlet. Users can only see delivery tasks that have been assigned to that user. 

Users can select a date and time range to display delivery tasks. Delivery tasks can be filtered according to status (Pending, In Transit, Completed, Cancelled). Delivery schedule can be searched by Delivery task, Order No., Item No., Customer, and Contact. 

View map

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Map view for scheduled deliveries is available by filtering delivery list by Status: In transit. Only deliveries In Transit are displayed in the map view. Press the Google Maps icon to open the map view.

Opening the map view will display a list of delivery addresses. Check/uncheck the box next to the address to include/exclude it from the map view. Delivery pathway is calculated in order of planned delivery time. Final destination can be edited if necessary.

Click OK to view the map. 

View a delivery task and details

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From the Delivery Schedule, click a delivery task to open it and see the task details. Here you can see the quantity of items, item details, customer contact details, and the shipping address for the task.

Mark delivery as in transit

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Once the user has taken a task for delivery, clicking the In Transit button changes the task status. Once a delivery task is in transit, the user can then complete, cancel or attach document to delivery task.

Attach delivery confirmation

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Once a delivery task is in transit, the user can go to the Attachments tab to attach delivery confirmation. Click + Camera to take a photo of signed delivery confirmation document, and + Gallery to attach a photo from the gallery to the delivery task. 

Complete delivery task

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Once a delivery task is in transit, the user can Complete the task. This changes the task status to Completed. The user can from here undo a delivery task to return the delivery task status too Pending

Cancel delivery task

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Only deliveries marked as in transit can be canceled. This will change the delivery task status to Canceled. The user can from here undo a delivery task to return the delivery task status too Pending.

Add and view notes

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The Notes tab will display any task descriptions that have been added from DEAR web portal in read-only mode. 

Drivers can click Add new Note to add their own notes from this tab, these can then be viewed in DEAR web portal or in the app by other users. 

Users can edit/delete their own notes but notes from other people will be displayed in read-only mode.

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