Within your POS registers, you can add buttons called Quick Keys which enable you to quickly put through sales of your products.


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Viewing and Using Quick Keys

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Quick Keys are displayed on your POS register as follows:

Clicking on the Quick Key, for example, Sports, displays all the items linked to that Quick Key. Select an item for purchase.

To return back to viewing all Quick Keys, click the Quick Key link at the bottom of the register screen.

Setting up a Quick Key

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Quick Keys are set up from the DEAR POS Integration page.

To set up a Quick Key:

  1. Navigate to Integrations → DEAR POS, select a store, then click Quick Keys.
  2. Click the New button, enter the Quick Key template name, then click Save.

  3. Click the + New button directly below the Quick Key template name.
  4. Enter the Quick Key name, then select a grouping operator for the quick key. By default, OR is the grouping operator, meaning that the quick key will show any brand, category or tag added to it. To display all brands, categories and tags added to the Quick Key, select AND as the grouping operator.
  5. Select the brands, categories and/or tags to be added to the key from the corresponding lists. Make sure to click the appropriate buttons next to the lists to ensure that the selected brand, category, or tag gets added to the key. Added products are listed to the right.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To add an image to your Quick Key, click Browse, select the image file from your computer, then click Upload.
  8. Click Save again.

Adding a Quick Key to a POS Register

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After setting up a Quick Key template, you need to add it to a POS register so that it will be displayed on the register.

To add a Quick Key to a POS register:

  1. On the DEAR POS Integration page, click the Outlets tab and select a Register.
  2. Under Register → Outlet  → Outlet Details, select a Quick Key from the list. This adds the Quick Key template to your selected POS register screen.

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