Cin7 Core POS provides a free Loyalty system where your customers earn dollars to spend in your store every time they make a purchase. It is now possible to integrate with LoyaltyLion, a third-party loyalty engagement platform which allows for increased customization and analytics features. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to contact the LoyaltyLion sales team at to sign up to LoyaltyLion with Cin7 Core POS. 


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Important Information

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Customers will not be able to pay with loyalty points (as in the Cin7 Core system). They will always have to use rewards for sales, which are formed with available points. If a reward is not available for the number of points available, then customers won’t be able to pay with that available balance without a reward.

LoyaltyLion allows you to use one admin email address per account. The workaround is to set the admin to support email, etc so the whole team can have access to it. Depending on merchant circumstances (particularly existing and projected order volumes), the LoyaltyLion sales team may be flexible around the pricing of additional sites. 

Each of your organization's Cin7 Core POS store can choose to use either LoyaltyLion or the Cin7 Core loyalty feature, however, both cannot be used at the same time. Points earned in one system are NOT available to be used in the other if you decide to switch loyalty systems in the future.

LoyaltyLion can be connected to multiple POS outlets of the same merchant (franchise model) or can be also connected to POS stores managed by different merchants (coalition program - see below). 

Coalition programs with Loyalty Lion

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Coalition programs are typically used to allow multiple merchants to participate in a semi-shared loyalty points program by allowing customers to earn and redeem points across any participating location. Coalitions can also be used in cases where a company may have different branches or departments and wants to segment them, or sometimes for multi location merchants to segment on a per location basis.

  • Eg: customer earns 100 points at merchant A, then earns 50 points at merchant B. This customer now has a cumulative total of 150 points that could be redeemed for rewards to spend at Merchant C. 

Coalition programs will have to manage the limitation that only one email address can be used per LoyaltyLion account. 

  • A single user, either a merchant who will be the coalition organizer or someone who manages the program on behalf of the participating merchants, will create an account with LoyaltyLion. 
  • The single user will receive the API token and secret. These can then be shared with all the merchants and outlets who want to participate in the coalition program so that they can connect LoyaltyLion. An unlimited number of POS stores can be linked to a single LoyaltyLion account. 

Cashiers of the POS systems in different locations can work concurrently, logging into the POS store with their usual credentials while connected to the coalition program LoyaltyLion account. Cashiers can look up customers from all coalition program locations using customer email. 

The same rewards, points, transaction emails and configurations created by the coalition organizer will be shared across all locations. 

Connect to LoyaltyLion

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Connect your Cin7 Core organization to LoyaltyLion to begin to use its rewards features. You must have an active LoyaltyLion account in order to connect. 

NOTE: You will need to contact the LoyaltyLion sales team at to sign up to LoyaltyLion with Cin7 Core POS. 

You will need your LoyaltyLion token and secret key, which can be found under Manage → Configuration → Settings in your LoyaltyLion account. 

  1. Go to Integrations →  LoyaltyLion.
  2. Enter your token and secret from your LoyaltyLion account.
  3. Click Connect to LoyaltyLion
  4. Select the currency you have chosen in your LoyaltyLion account and Save to continue. 
    • NOTE: It is important that the currency you select matches with what you have configured in LoyaltyLion, or it will result in incorrect points calculation.
  5. Next, LoyaltyLion must be enabled for Cin7 Core POS. Go to Integrations → Cin7 Core POS. 
  6. Select the POS store where you would like to enable LoyaltyLion and go to the Setup tab. 
  7. Scroll to POS integrations and enable Use LoyaltyLion rewards. This setting is only visible when LoyaltyLion integration has been connected (steps 1-4). This will automatically disable and remove the Cin7 Core loyalty program setting from the setup tab.

LoyaltyLion features and configurations for Cin7 Core POS

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LoyaltyLion features are configured through the LoyaltyLion account. Here is a brief explanation of the available features and links to LoyaltyLion help documentation where applicable. For Cin7 Core POS application only the  features shown here will be available. 


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This page provides an overview of the loyalty program. Here the merchant can see how LoyaltyLion is increasing merchant revenue, customer acquisition and engagement.

See LoyaltyLion: Dashboard for more information.


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Analytics are segregated into two sections: orders and referrals. Here you can track all the orders your store has placed as well as revenue, average basket size and points provided. This data can be used for the future strategies and marketing campaigns.


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The insights page will provide you with key data on your most loyal customers, those customers you are at risk of losing and those you need to win back. You can export data under each section to create targeted campaigns, such as sending a gift to your most loyal customers, giving an extra discount to customers at risk and reminding customers you want to win back about your existence. 

Your loyalty program will need to be running for a couple of months before you see any data here. 

See LoyaltyLion: Insights for more information. 

Manage customers

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This section is where the merchant can view and interact with all of their customers. The customers displayed in this page will be the customers that are created via Cin7 Core or the Cin7 Core POS application, and synched to LL application. Merchants can:

  • Give extra points manually to the customers
  • Change a customer's loyalty tier
  • Remove points from customers
  • Block customers

See LoyaltyLion: Managing members for more information. 

Customize loyalty emails 

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LoyaltyLion provides you with emails that are sent out to your customers automatically to make sure they know how many points and rewards are available specifically to them. Each email is personalized to an individual customer. Loyalty emails are fully customizable in order for the merchants to design them to match the store branding.

Emails include the following:

  • Welcome to the loyalty program email
  • Reward available email
  • Monthly reward reminder email
  • Points expiry email

See LoyaltyLion: Emails and Customizing LoyaltyLion emails for more information. 

Configure activity rules

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Activity rules determine when your customers are awarded points. When they perform an activity which matches one of your activity rules, they'll be awarded points based on the value of the activity rule. Certain rules can be limited so they will only award points once every day, week, month or year. You have the option to choose how many points are earned per each activity, keeping in mind how many points are required to claim a reward. 

Different activity rules are available for each LoyaltyLion plan. The following activity rules are available for Cin7 Core POS:

  • Points earned when a customer account is created
  • Points earned when making a purchase
  • Points earned for following the user on Twitter
  • Points earned for a customer's birthday
  • Points earned for referring another paying customer
  • Points earned for visiting a store website
  • Points earned for liking a page or URL via Facebook
  • Points earned for following an Instagram page
  • Custom rules

See LoyaltyLion: What are activity rules? for more information. 

Set rewards

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Rewards are codes that are generated and used at the checkout. A customer earns points and redeems them for rewards.

 The following rewards are available for Cin7 Core POS:

See LoyaltyLion: Rewards for more information. 

Manage loyalty tiers

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You can create up to four customisable tiers for your loyalty program. Each tier can provide bonus points for activities and also have exclusive rewards that can only be claimed when a customer is on that tier.

Loyalty tier features include:

  • Setting up a minimum spend for a tier.
  • Customise points earned per activity for each tier.
  • Customise rewards earned for points for each tier.
  • Move customers between tiers manually.

See LoyaltyLion: Loyalty tiers for more information.

Earning loyalty points

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Loyalty points are earned according to the activity rules that have been configured on your LoyaltyLion account. Activity rules can include spending a certain amount in store, creating an account or buying a specific product or product collection. 

NOTE: When a product is bought at a discount, loyalty points will be earned on the sale price, and not the full price. 

LoyaltyLion users can also add points manually to a customer’s account through the LoyaltyLion application. 

Each of your organization's Cin7 Core POS store can choose to use either LoyaltyLion or the Cin7 Core loyalty feature, however, both cannot be used at the same time. Points earned in one system are NOT available to be used in the other if you decide to switch loyalty systems in the future. 

Redeem LoyaltyLion rewards in Cin7 Core POS

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LoyaltyLion points can be redeemed for reward codes when making a POS sale. Cashier must have the Can give discounts permission enabled to redeem LoyaltyLion reward codes. 

  1. From the POS application, add products to the sale.  
  2. Click Add → Customer to select the customer or add a new customer. Customers can be searched by  Customer ID in Cin7 Core but also by email address. 
    • If a new customer is added, the customer will automatically be enrolled to the loyalty program. Points will be added once the sale is completed. 
    • If a customer with a LoyaltyLion points balance is added to the sale, the current customer points balance is displayed to the user along with the available rewards to redeem.
    • If existing customer who is not enrolled is added to the sale, they will be automatically enrolled to the program once the sale is completed.
  3. Adding a customer with a LoyaltyLion points balance will display their points on the POS screen. You can click the points to open a new window with more information about how to earn points, the customer account history, and which rewards are available to be redeemed.
  4. Open the pop up window to redeem points for rewards and view your available voucher codes. Click Get Reward to select a reward.
  5. Click View reward to display the unique reward voucher code and copy it.
  6. On the sales register, click to add a discount. You may need to expand the Total window to view the discount.
  7. In the discount pop up window, click Paste code to input the reward voucher code.
  8. The voucher code will now be displayed at the top of the window. Now you can enter the discount amount (in this case 20 - Fixed) to apply the discount to the sale total.
  9. Continue to payment and complete the sale. 

Exchanges and returns

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When a customer returns a product, and when the returns are processed by the user in POS using the refund option, the loyalty points earned from the sale are removed from the customer's account.

When a customer exchanges a product for a product of a different price, loyalty points earned will be increased or decreased according to the cost of the product to be exchanged. 

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