Paymentsense is a UK-based payment solutions provider that offers real-time payment processing for point-of-sale transactions. 

Payment processing platforms do not require a subscription add-on in Cin7 Core.  

NOTE: Some customers have reported an issue where the Paymentsense terminal can be found via mobile devices but not via a web browser. This may be because you are using wifi to connect and GPRS mobile data is enabled on the card machine. Please contact Paymentsense to disable GPRS mobile data from their end if you are experiencing this problem. 


The first step in integrating Paymentsense with Cin7 Core POS is to connect it to Cin7 Core. 

  1. Go to Integrations → POS Cin7 Core from the Cin7 Core web portal. 
  2. In the Setup tab, toggle Use Paymentsense to Yes. This makes Paymentsense available to all POS outlets in the organization.
  3. Go to the Outlets tab, select the outlet that will use Paymentsense, then enter the Paymentsense URL and API key that Paymentsense provided to your organization.
  4. Click Save.

Now that Paymentsense has been enabled, the final step is to connect your register.  

  1. Log on to Cin7 Core POS and open the outlet and register where you want to connect Paymentsense. 
  2. Click Setup → Payment Setup.
  3. Select Paymentsense from the list of card payment systems. The system then displays the Terminal ID number at the bottom.
  4. Click Pair with terminal, then select the terminal to connect with the register from the list.
  5. Click Save. Once setup is finished, you can already use Paymentsense in the terminal.

NOTE: Once Paymentsense becomes an active Cin7 Core POS payment system, an additional End-of-Day section will be shown on the terminal's Register Closure report.

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