Printing Product Labels in DEAR POS

DEAR POS allows printing of product labels directly from the Products page, as long as these products have barcodes defined for them in DEAR Inventory. Code 128 barcodes are currently supported.


To print a product label in DEAR POS:

  1. On the DEAR POS menu, click Inventory, then Products.
  2. Search for the product either by name or SKU. Alternatively, look for the product on the list.
  3. When you see the product, click the leftmost column, then click the Print button on the top right to display the product label.
  4. Enter the number of copies to be printed, then select the appropriate paper width from the list.
  5. Click Print labels
  6. In the dialogue box that appears, name the file and select the folder on your PC where the printed label will be saved, then print the label.

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