This report shows warehouse details for fulfilled sale orders over a specified date range. It shows the number of orders and SKUs that were handled by your pickers, with the aim of helping management make better decisions on warehouse operations.

This report is only accessible to users with full access to the Inventory Reporting user permission. For more information, see Managing Users & Roles


The report inputs are shown in the table below.

Field NameDescription
Reporting Period
Allows selection of reporting period, e.g. 30 days and 365 days. It is set to the current month by default.
Date Range
Allows specifying a date range for the report
Updates the report
Reset Layout
Resets the report layout
Allows the user to export report data to Excel (with or without totals), PDF or RTF format
Apply Filter
Displays the option to set filters on the fields used in the report


After setting the inputs described above, pressing the Update button refreshes the report based on the selected inputs. The output fields are shown in the table below.

Column NameDescription
Picker Name
Name of the picker

Orders Picked/Packed

The number of orders picked
SKUs Picked/Packed
The number of SKUs picked
Location where picking/packing task took place
TaskType of activity: Picking or packing
Completion DateDate when picking/packing task was marked finished by user
Time trackedTotal time spent on task

For help in customising this report, see Managing DEAR Reports.

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