Backorder Summary Report

This report shows all backordered products in your inventory. Use this report to view a summary of backordered products, the supplier for the order, and quantity required, on hand, remaining (on hand - required) and ordered. This report does not show which sales order the backordered product corresponds to.

See Calculation of Available, On Hand and Allocated Stock quantity for more information about each of these terms.


Data from this report can be exported in Excel, PDF or RTF format. 


LayoutSet to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any. 
Save Layout AsAllows saving a layout for potential future use.
Reset LayoutResets the layout to the default layout or selected saved layout.

Select Apply Filter to set filter fields for the report and Update to refresh the output with any new changes. See Managing DEAR Reports - Filtering Reports for more detailed information about using filters. 


The following output fields are available for this report. You may have to open the More Fields dropdown menu to add some of them to your report. 

SKUProduct SKU
ProductThe name of the product
UnitProduct unit of measure
SupplierSupplier name
Location the sale is picked/dispatched from
Product category
Product brand
Product Tags
Comma-separated product tags
Product family name
Data Headers
Quantity RequiredBackordered quantity
Quantity On HandCurrent quantity on hand
Quantity RemainingCurrently available quantity of the backordered product
Quantity OrderedQuantity of the backordered product that is already on order

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