Product Prices By Supplier

This report shows the latest price and fixed price (if applicable) for every supplier/product combination. Prices are shown in supplier currency. It also supplier SKUs and whether dropshipping is enabled. This report allows for editing of data via CSV export/import. This report can not be customised and there are no inputs to the report. 

The following information is shown:

ProductProduct SKU.
CategoryProduct category.
SupplierThe name of supplier.
Supplier SKUProduct SKU as specified by Supplier.
Supplier Product NameProduct Name as specified by Supplier.
URLURL of web page describing the product on supplier's web site.
Latest PriceLatest Price of product excluding discount from most recent purchase invoice of Supplier.
Fixed PriceFixed Price of product defined by Supplier.
Drop ShipDrop shipment provide by Supplier (Yes/No).

This report allows importing/exporting product prices by supplier via CSV.

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