This report shows the profit/loss for each Job. Use this report to view all income, expenses and profits associated with job costing transactions. Output can be filtered by customer, supplier, time period, milestone, status and more.

This report is only available to users with Financial Reporting permissions.  


Table of Contents

Data from this report can be exported in Excel, PDF or RTF format. 


Reporting PeriodAllow user to select the reporting period from a list of options are set custom a custom date range. 
LayoutSet to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any. 
Save Layout AsAllows saving of a layout for potential future use.
Reset LayoutResets layout to the default layout or selected saved layout.

Select Apply Filter to set filter fields for the report and Update to refresh the output with any new changes. See Managing DEAR Reports - Filtering Reports for more detailed information about using filters. 


The following output fields are available for this report. 

CustomerName of customer the job was done for.
Job #Job number.
JobJob description.
StatusStatus of the job.
MilestoneJob milestone profit/loss transaction is related to.
TypeType of profit/loss transaction.
DateEffective Date of profit/loss transaction.
ReferenceTransaction document number reference.
AddressJob address.
ContactJob contact details.
SupplierSupplier name for transaction type "Purchase".
StartDate when job started.
FinishDate when job has been completed.
YearYear of Effective Date of profit/loss transaction.
QuarterQuarter of Effective Date of profit/loss transaction.
MonthMonth of Effective Date of profit/loss transaction.
Data Headers
Expense associated with the transaction in base currency without tax.
Tax associated with the transaction in base currency.
Income associated with the transaction in base currency without tax.
Profit = Income - Expense.


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The Profit by Sales Representative Report for December 2018 shows nil COGS for an invoice, yet the Job Costing Profit and Loss Report for December 2018 shows Expenses (i.e. job costs). Why aren't the job costs reported as COGS in the Profit by Sales Representative Report?

This happens when an invoice is actually a service sale. COGS are not assigned to a service item as price is essentially the cost of the item. Thus it can be viewed on the "Job Costing Profit and Loss Report" but not in the COGS column of "Profit by Sales Representative Report".

I am trying to complete the Job Costing profit and Loss report however there is no income showing up on most jobs.

Completion date is needed on the job for the income to be computed. If it is yet to be completed, you can still set it to current date and save job to see profit on the Job Costing Profit & Loss Report. Status can be left as In Progress.

I have run this report, but it isn’t showing the invoices raised against the job only the costs.

Invoices using New Quote in the Job are not automatically included in the Job Costing Profit and Loss Report - it is merely a convenient way to select correct customer in new sale. These invoices must be linked to the Job before they appear in the report. Use "Link expenses to an existing invoice" option to do this. 

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