Bulk Add/Remove Tags via .csv Import

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When managing promotional events, we need to be able to tell Shopify which products are on sale. This is best done by adding tags to these products and making collections in Shopify that auto-populate when the tags are synced to Dear. Tagging these promotional items also allows staff to do micro stocktakes on just those tagged products.

However, managing tags via .csv uploads is tricky. You have to export the data into Excel, and using a concatenate formula, you can append your new tag to the sequence of existing tags. 

It would be great if there was a column in the .csv for a  specific tag and then an action column to "add" or "remove" the tag from the products without messing with the entire comma-separated list. When the promotion ends, it would make it easy to remove the tags as well. 

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  • This is a very common task, but doesn't necessarily need to be implemented in the csv bulk import function.

    Other platforms platforms simply allow you to filter your product list, check the rows you want (or check all in the list) and then apply certain tasks to all selected products such as Update Brand, Update Category, Add Tag, Remove Tag, etc. This functionality is fairly elementary but very very useful for maintaining a large product catalog, and less error-prone than csv uploads for less technical users.

  • Hey Nick, if we were able to do that right from within Dear, even better! I agree, I certainly don't feel comfortable rolling out training that relies on csv imports, there's so much that can go wrong when you have to export data to an external app, mess with it and import it back. 

    Wish there was a way to bulk edit in Dear

  • The Bulk tagging of MO is now available in the production module. 

    Can this please be added to Products / Inventory ASAP. 


  • Agree with John, this should be available on the products screen.

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8 people like this idea
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