• Any idea when this might happen?


  • Development will be complete in first quarter 2015.

  • Has there been any movement on this?  I'd be willing to trial if possible?

  • This has already been implemented. Please navigate to Settings -> Reference books -> Stock -> Locations and Bins in order to add Bins to your locations.

  • thanks for this.  now how do i allocate stock to these locations?  

  • You need to use Stock Transfers to move your existing stock to bins.

  • I have been wondering why The Default Stock locator did not list in the stocktake report, I then created Bin locations for my default warehouse and fount it still didnt list the bin in the stocktake report.
    If I transfer the existing stocks to the relevant bins When processing future purchases of stock do i need to allocate them to the wharehouse and Bin location or will the system automatically add it to the correct bin location based on the warehouse. ?


  • Hi Brian A Brent,

    Stock Locator and Location: Bin are two different concepts in DEAR. Stock Locator is used as a product attribute - you can set a stock locator for each product on the product details screen. While helpful for some businesses it might not work for other when there is no specific location for a product.

    Location: Bin is the actual location and sub-location where the products were placed. It is required in DEAR to assign a location when receiving the items in stock on a purchase order, picking items on a sale order or performing a stock adjustment - for any inventory movements you need to specify Location: Bin. When processing a purchase order DEAR will automatically assign a location based on the location specified in the PO header and the bin set in the product default location field. However this location can be changed manually.

    If you are referring to the stock take report that is available for printing from the stock take details screen then both Location:Bin and Stock Locator can be added as separate columns to the document template. Please refer to this video tutorial for more details on how to edit document templates:

  • Video link does not work.

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