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When sending emails using Dear, is it possible to pre set subject and content? For example, we are sending customer invoices when every invoice is authorized, we would like the subject line and content to be pre-filled so our sales will only need to fill in the email address field and click "send".

Also, it will be even better if they can either enter a email address or choose from the existing contact under that account.

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  • Hi I would like this too please- like Xero do it with Merge tags:

    Hi [Contact First Name],

    Here's purchase order [Purchase Order Number] for [Purchase Order Total].

    Delivery due date, address and instructions are included in the purchase order.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.


    [Trading Name]

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  • We would also like ability to set default cc: line on email. In most cases, we'd like no email to default to cc:.

    Presently it requires 3 clicks and removal of cc: email address which adds an additional few steps to highlight and delete. We can save 50% of the time if Dear would allow for users to set cc: default.

  • We like the idea of improving email text automation and the ability to send to other contacts.

  • This functionality also needs to be extended to Subject line

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  • Further to extending merge codes to the subject line, I am finding that Google apps for business is folding multiple conversations with different suppliers into one conversation thread because they have the same subject line when the PO is sent. Very confusing! Adding the SO and PO numbers to the subject line would vastly simplify manageemnt of any conversations that comence when a quote or purchase order is sent.

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  • +1 agree wit Rod Webster above re: the Subject line needing to have a unique identifier of either Purchase or Sales order number, please see this feature request and vote there:

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  • Great work adding the ability to insert Invoice, SO and PO numbers into the email subject line. Thank you for taking on board my suggestion.

    Some feedback after reading the release notes and finally finding the time to give it a go. 

    I did not find it very intuitive but eventually hovered over the little i icon beside the email subject and then I was in business. A larger and more descriptive icon would assist the user experience.

    Also, it would be great if the merge code was inserted at the current cursor position instead of always at the end of the field. (It was not too hard to do a bit of cut and paste to move it to where I wanted). Often the merge code was inserted off the screen because of the current pasting method and fairly short field input box length.

  • Did a template for the CONTENT ever come about from this? I can't find a way to set a content template for emailing like they have in Quickbooks Online.

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