Email more than one contact at a time - ability to select multiple contacts

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The ability to select more than one contact when sending emails via DEAR would be a great addition. In our case we are required to email both the sales departments and accounts a copy of their invoice, which is painful in Dear.

My current work around is to put two email addresses in a contact however this prevents the contact from then being synced with Xero.

I would be great to have a list of contact for the account and able to select multiple parties when sending email.

Equally it would also be good to set a default list of people to send information to on an account, this could be pre-selected from the customers screen.

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  • I've been placing the second email address for accounts department in the comments section of the customer and then copying/pasting in the CC when emailing the invoice.  A bit clunky.  The ability to choose the email address and to choose multiple email address would be much better.


  • I would like to assign an email to specific email forms.  Order confirmations should go the the buyer, picking slips go the the warehouse and invoices go to AP etc...  You could associate contacts in the customer profile with the desired email forms.

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  • Would Like to have a drop down menu or alike of contacts related to the client and/or internal contacts. So that if sending an invoice via email, I am able to let other stakeholders know, whether they be internal (account managers etc) or external (accounts dept etc). 

  • This is really needed - we have lots of trouble when we add additional email addresses in manually, sometimes the system adds rogue commas and then the email freezes and doesn't send.  Need to be able to select from a list saved against the customer or supplier record.

  • This is done now, isn't it?
  • The Client Bare Blends PTY LTD is also looking for this feature since they have below type of scenarios where needed multiple emails.

    "We have many customers that require these emails sent to 2x email addresses, but in the workflow there is no option to include a second email address, only the customer."

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