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You can start off small (besides the overhead for authentication) by having just read access to your main objects like Order and Product. This simple read-only access would allow people to extend their system by adding functionality that you would not (nor should not) add. 
We would pull orders for custom commission payments calculations, place shipping addresses on Google Maps API, and pull product pricing for template documents for private intranet sites. 
Later, write access to credits would be a huge win. We can type in an order number in a custom web app that pull the order form Dear, shows the remaining balance, and the sales person can type in the credit card information which would go to a 3rd party cc processor (like and then write a credit record back to Dear. This way you can open up CC payments without having to code it.

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  • Hey guys I have seen the documentation for this on your knowledgebase with the links etc, has this been already implemented and can the API be used?

  • Hi

    It's available now. Please create trial account and check our Integration->API page.

  • One more question I have, i know you guys mentioned that only GET Functions are available currently, do you have any idea when the POST Functions (ie. Allow apps to edit or create items on Dear) will be available?

    As currently we use a system called REPSLY and we would like to integrate this with DEAR Inventory but unfortunately we cannot at this moment in time due to this. 


  • ETA April - May

  • thanks :)

  • I love the API.   Keep it coming.  ;)

  • The features that I need for the API to make DEAR work even better are create products (including full details including images) and more importantly being able to mark orders as posted in DEAR.

    I will be making a webpage that creates DEAR products and another one that makes order fulfilment much faster. The order fulfilment requires orders to be able to be marked as posted as well as any tracking numbers to be uploaded.

  • We started working on the second phase of our API interface.  The following will be available soon

    ChartofAccounts  GET 

    ProductCategories  GET 

    ProductBrands  GET 

    Locations  GET 

    PaymentTerms  GET 

    TaxationRules  GET 

    UnitsOfMeasure  GET 

    AttributeSet GET 

    Customers  POST 

    Customers  PUT 

    ProductFamilies  POST 

    ProductFamilies  PUT 

    Products  POST 

    Products  PUT 

    Sale  POST

  • Great to see the API progressing.

    Any chance of GET, PUT and POST for Payments?

    We could save a huge amount of time if payments could be automated from our Payment Gateway provider. Ideally access to update: Account, Reference, Date Paid and Amount.



  • Ahh, I see that payments are already included as GET operations for Sales:

    Hopefully these will be POSTable too.


  • Does the update provided by DEAR include marking sales as posted as well as uploading tracking if applicable?

  • I'm really looking forward to the next release of the API... that'll be super helpful.

  • API POST functionality is available in Live now. Please check docs here

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  • Excellent news - I'll start working on a couple of things next week.

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