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There are some issues about your credit note.

First, there is only one credit note can be issued to one invoice. Sometimes, we sold several items in one invoice, and clients returned them not in one time but separately in which case we need to issue more than one credit notes to one invoice.

Second, when we issue a credit note to an invoice, Dear system change the original COGS journal transaction in stead of generate a new reverse COGS journal transaction of this credit note in real time. This is not right according to common account rule. For example, we opened an invoice on 20 March 2013, then we received the returned goods and issued a credit note on 20 Apr 2013. DEAR would change the original COGS journal which was generated on 20 March. However the accounting reports ended 31 Mar 2013 could have already been finalized and provided to IRD by 20 Apr 2013, which means our 2013 year end report would be inaccurate and modified by the 20 Apr credit note transaction.

Can you please solve the two issues?

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  • Thanks for the response.

    Have you considered having an invoice first / stock first option on the sales order like there is on the purchase order.  This would enable the invoice and the credit to be dealt with and then the drop ship PO could just be voided.

    For the vast majority of ecommerce businesses, orders are paid for immediately, not when goods are shipped, and many ecommerce retailers have goods drop shipped, there really needs to be an easy way of dealing with these scenarios.



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  • A major problem , credit note should also be considering what customers have bought in the past , because if i have 10 items and they are all from different invoices , i will have to create 10 different credit notes , which is very time consuming

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  • How is it possible that a credit note issued today can affect the COGS on the invoice date? This is crazy!!!

    Xero has lock dates for very good reasons and transactions before those dates CANNOT be altered. What do we do with the sync errors now?

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  • We have the same issue, we need to create multiple credit notes for one sale and cannot.

    The customer has returned items on separate occasions but we can only make one credit note per sale.

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  • Would be great to issue a credit note with items not sold on the original transactions, this would be an excellent way to deal with exchanges since an invoice cannot have negative stock.

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  • NB. Please DEAR, fix your system so that it adheres to common accounting practices! This is ESSENTIAL!

    1. A credit note for goods returned cannot cancel an invoice. NEVER, EVER. They may be linked but these are two separate documents with their own transaction dates which can and do fall into different months or even tax years.

    2. DEAR changes the COGS on an invoice if a credit note is raised. This is WRONG and flies in the face of common sense and any basic accounting practice. A credit note can NEVER change the information on an invoice - they are two separate documents.

    These issues are causing us endless problems with reports, commissions, tax submissions, auditors and the like. PLEASE FIX IT!

    Apologies for the shouting but how else can I get DEAR to act on this?

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  • We have just discovered another issue with processing credit notes.

    We have a customer who has cancelled a web order as they cannot wait the lead time for the products.  But because DEAR shows the items on back order we cannot raise a credit note - is there a work around for this?

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  • It is now possible to convert a sale to Advanced Features that allows multiple credit notes per order.

    If a second return is processed in DEAR POS then the sale will be automatically converted to Advanced Features and the second credit note will be processed.

    Returns create new COGS transactions. Now the system was upgraded the way that no historical transactions are modified.

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  • Some issues I have found:

    1. We need to be able to raise more than 1 credit note against a sales invoice when items are returned separately.

    2. You cannot easily search for a credit note issued - only invoice numbers are listed 

    3. We purchase stock by the case with mixed items of colours and sizes... If we have any damaged items we can not raise a credit note for the specific size/colour - it has to be done as a percentage of the case so it does not help with restock. The only way around this is a stock adjustment and just raise a credit note on Xero (our accounts platform).

    4. We have to find the specific invoice for the goods returned and if there are several items on different invoices then we have to issue all separate credit notes - so time consuming. Why can we not raise a credit note as a separate transaction and then see it listed in numerical order. It would make life so much easier!

    Please can credit note issues be addressed ASAP! :)


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  • Just to add to the previous post: In Xero there is the option to 'allocate credit' to an Invoice from a credit note. This is basically what Dear is missing to help with this scenario. Hope that's useful!


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  • We have a similar problem.  A customer has placed 2 orders, 2 days apart.  Due to supplier's lead times the customer has changed their first order resulting in a £450 overpayment.  I cannot allocate this against their second order in DEAR.

    Whilst I can contrive a work around to make everything balance is doesn't leave an easy to follow trail for the future.

    You need to be able to allocate credits on account against future invoices for customers.

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  • Let's put it another way (for Sheila)

    If you sell two thin sheep and the customer later returns them (still thin), you cannot book these back in at the cost of two fat sheep can you? That simply doesn't make sense, does it?

    On a much more more serious note, accurate and reliable financial records are absolutely essential to any business. Please please pay attention to this.

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  • Any update on credit functionality? I notice the feature is 'planned' now.

    This would be a very valuable improvement for all users. Do let us know if you need any more details on feature requirements for this. But I think the discussion above outlines most of the scenarios commonly encountered.

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  • The solution has been made on sales invoices but still a problem on purchase invoices. We really should be able to raise a credit note as a separate document for whatever we want to be credited for!

    Any update on a resolution for this?



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  • As of today it is still planned, the date still being TBA. Let's get more vote for multiple credit note!!

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