Allow the same inventory item more than once on a sales order..we sometimes give a "free" one in addition to buying one

This is frequently required for my business. We often include a free item along with the same item at normal price. We also have items included in a package offer at one price point plus the same item at the normal price.

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  • I would also like to see this feature in Purchase Orders as well for the same reasons stated above.

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  • Hey, how you guys doing a "Free" item on an invoice? As I am forced to put a price, I feel this is related as we also wish to include free items for promotional purposes as well as Point of Sale Stands which we do not charge for but do it on a rental basis. 

    Also would love to see this included in the next version

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  • +1 for this. We really need this functionality. Also Mohammed's suggestion re: Free items would be very useful


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  • We also would like to add same item more than once; so we may quote the same item with multiple price points depending on quantity.

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  • Great idea.  My clients have these scenarios all the time so this would be very useful.

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  • Excellent to see that this is 'in progress' - thanks for the update.


  • Can't wait to have this feature...

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  • How is the progress going on? any good news? ^^

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  • how is this progress going on?  any good news? ^^

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  • Hello.

    This feature is planned to be released with the 30 May 2015 upgrade.

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  • Great! thanks ;)

  • The last Dear Support L1 said this would be released with the 30 May 2015 upgrade. It is now the 26 June 15. Has this feature been released as yet (i cant see where).I really need this option on my invoices also. Please advise if it is now available or when we will get the upgrade.


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  • This feature is already available. You can just create a new sale order and and as many lines as you wish of the same SKU.

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  • Thanks again for doing this!! 

    It's very helpful for use when quoting subtle variations of the same product at different price-points.


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