Amazon: Pull in Orders like you do for EBay

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Pull in Orders from Amazon like you do on EBay. I believe Amazon has much better merchandising capability for higher value, specialized items. EBay seems better for clearance inventory, open box, lower value, higher volume, etc.

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  • Do you know when this is set to happen? that would be great.

  • This would be a great integration.  It looks like your last update to add other systems was in January.  This would be very helpful before summer. 

  • This would be great and necessary

  • Do you guys have an ETA on Amazon integration? It would be a huge asset!

  •  An ETA on this would be really good as it is holding up transfering one of companies to DEAR.

    I am amazed more people are not interested in this.  Amazon is a huge market with thousands of sellers.

  • I am greatly looking forward to Amazon integration and need this. Is this still in progress?!

  • There is a BETA Integration but it does not let you update the amazon listing itself. Maybe just price and inventory quantities.

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8 people like this idea
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