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It'd be very useful to be able to select multiple orders and generate a combined pick list for them.

Most of our stock is held in storage and we send a driver for regular runs out to the warehouse -- if we could combine orders together (by date, or just by selecting multiple ones) so they knew the totals they needed to collect from the one location, that would be hugely helpful.

It would reduce the confusion and inevitable human error in totally up multiple orders, and would also work nicely with stock stored in multiple locations.

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  • in addition, it'd be great to order the combined list or individual lists by location, so pickers do not have to cross the warehouse in random directions to find things. 

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  • And have these picklists print with a barcode so that you can cross check the picklist with the product.


  • I see this says implemented, but how do I get a pick list for multiple orders?

  • same here. curious

  • Bulk Pick Operation can be performed in the 'Sales' page. Navigate to the 'Sales page, and select multiple sales items. When  you select more than 1 item, a new setup options will be displayed to you (such as Print, Email, Export, Fill and Authorize etc.).

    If you click on the 'Fill and Authorize' button, a list of sub options will be displayed to you. In this list you will find the 'Authorize Pick' option. When you click on this, you will be able to bulk authorize the items you have selected. 

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14 people like this idea
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