Bulk Actions to Update Prroducts

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Currently we can download the files in csv then upload again. However if I just want to update 10-20 products it’s still quite a lot of works to do. Would be nice if there is a bulk update option to update 10-20 products all together. Such as adding product tags, updating prices / brands etc.

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  • I agree with this request. Exporting/Importing via CSV is tedious and prone to errors. At the minimum, please allow us to export a CSV of just the products listed from a search instead of always exporting the entire product list and expecting us to extract the relevant lines.

  • This is a must, you have my vote

  • Agreed!

  • Allow me to add a little details on this.

    - updating multiple items (e.g. up to 50, more than that, we may update via csv) all at once at the product list screen, so we don't need to click into 20-30 items to update some small changes

    1. replacing / adding product tags

    2. updating price tiers

    3. updating supplier and their respective costs

    4. updating additional attributes

    5. updating product type / brands / category

    6. updating product dimensions / weight

    - allowing individual update of the below items in the product list screen:

    1. barcode (so we don't need to click into each item to update)

    2. adding product pictures

  • Bulk editing product data right within Dear would be great! Making changes via .csv isn't ideal.

  • While you're at it, could you fix the fact that you can have invalid data floating around in your inventory? I've gone to make changes where I export the list, change what I want, then go to push the changes and DEAR complains that my data is invalid for a completely different issue than what I was addressing in my changes (E.g. I do a mass price update and it complains that the most recent supplier information is missing something). These random errors due to lack of clean up make automating csv operations a headache since I have to do all your error handling for you.

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11 people like this idea
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