Ecommerce - Order pulled in as draft and/or stock not allocated.

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Business works with disability industry through the government. They are using Shopify and wants to be able to pull in orders from Shopify to DEAR but does not want to allocate stock or wants at the minimum for orders to be pulled in as a draft order. 

When orders come in, the invoice gets paid through government initiatives and sometimes can take weeks or months and they don't stock tied up to sales orders that might not be fulfilled for months as they run a tight just in time model and made to order model. 

Best solution, Sales order comes in from shopify > stock is not allocated > accounts team chase up for payment > once payment has been cleared > Invoice is marked as paid > Stock is ordered and the fulfilled. 

Currently all SO that come through shopify are authorised orders with stock allocated. The business is processing at the minimum over 100+ orders per day. 

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    There is a existing Feature Request to add a Don't Allocate Stock option to Simple Orders. This would be the first step, and later an automation to always apply Don't Allocate Stock to Shopify imports.

    Please vote and comment on this topic to help:

  • Hi Philip,

    I Agree. Will agree and up vote.

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