for Simple Sale: add option "Don't Allocate Stock"

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There is a very useful Sale Customisation option "Make Stock Allocation Optional" that can be set to "Optional" which then gives users the option to not allocate stock until the Pick step when using an Advance Sale.  See screenshots below.

Please add the same feature to not allocate stock until the Pick step using a Simple Sale.




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  • (+1) Absolutely agree with this!

    DEAR allocations have been a nightmare for my team, especially if an order is shorted. Please make this option systemically available for all sales orders. Or, allow me to Turn Off Allocations for the whole system!

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  • @DEAR is this on the roadmap to be fixed?

  • Thank you @DEAR for planning this feature! Do you have an ETA on this Allocations feature?
    This is essential for our purchasing needs, and I do not see it in the DEAR Roadmap.

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  • This feature would help business who manage simple order through the eCommerce platforms such as shopify and do not want to allocate orders as the orders come in. 

    In one particular business, even having the ability through shopify integration to pull in orders when they are created as draft orders. 

  • Hi everyone,

    There will be a release for shopify integration to be able to pull in orders as draft, similar to woocommerce integration which will not allocate stock and this release is earmarked for Sunday release 26th July 2020 or by latest 2nd August 2020.

    For "Do Not Allocate" stock for simple sales, the DEAR BA team will start writing up specs the week beginning 27th July 2020 and will be planned for release sometime in the near future. When I have dates I will update. 

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