Duplicate customer order numbers

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Currently Dear allows for duplicate serial numbers and also does not warn you if you enter in duplicate customer sales order number

The problem is that some of our customers mistakenly send us the same order number multiple times, and even after we have supplied the goods.

If we are not careful to check each time by searing dear to see if that order number has been used previously, we can very easily land up duplicating orders. Which normally then only gets picked up when we deliver the goods to the customers.

Please can you activate in General Settings to allow or disallow duplicate customer order numbers

as an alternative can Dear warn you if you enter a duplicate order number

Thanks this will go a long way to eliminate processing errors


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  • Agree. Definitely needs a pop up warning if the PO number entered is a duplicate of an existing SO

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  • 100% Agree. The more problems that can be prevented, the less for the accounts team to fix. Best to be proactive than reactive.

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  • Absolute necessity. Good software reduces human error.  Duplication of order numbers (customer or supplier) has serious implications not only for stock but accounts.   

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  • I agree, This will eliminate an error of sending the same order to a customer twice which can cost the company a lot of money.

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  • 100 agree , this will eliminate an error of sending one other twice .

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  • I agree for the functionality to be activated to eliminate duplication of orders.

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  • Absolutely! This will minimize errors!

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  • This is a must according to me!

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10 people like this idea
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