Feature Requests page improvements please

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On the Feature Requests list page please implement the use of the following "filters" and search functionality.

  1. Allow list within ANY of the available tab views to be filtered by drop down (multi select) by Module, OR
  2. Add a tab view for "Filter by Module" which provides the same filtering capability
  3. Add top level key word filter functionality where user can enter key word value search criteria such as "journal" or "report" or "chart of accounts", etc.
The Feature Requests list has become too complex to remain with its limited tab based segregation for display purposes.
It VERY BADLY needs search functionality.

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  • Yes please.... Just spend 30 min in vain. Its like a rabbit hole. You never no what you find when you go in. 

    Please add a search feature. That would reduce some people creating requests because they dont want to spend time going page by page to see if there is an open ticket. 


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