Having the Ability to Search through the Existing Feature Requests

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Having a Search Feature in the Feature Requests would be a great help for all of us, to not just search through the Topic Titles but also through the body of the Message.

For us the USERS, we would want the ability to search through the body of the feature and not just having the Matching Topic Found pop up on the right of the screen after we start the new feature request and fill in the Topic Title.

For the DEAR Team, it would mean less duplicates and a more realistic feel of what the users are requesting.

From my title, I found this Feature Request, Feature Requests page improvements please which popped up in the matching topics. Let's vote for this as well as for this ticket.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Luke Bilocca

Scope Solutions

13 people like this idea

13 people like this idea
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