Customer account limit by days overdue as well as credit limit

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Can we please have an automatic limit introduced to DEAR for say when a customer is 14 days overdue it limits the account like it does when they are over their approved credit limit. 

The amount of days overdue to be determined per business or even customer would be good. Eg, apply general rule of 14 days to DEAR business profile but some customers you may have "special consideration" for and give them 21 days lead way. I'd be happy with a blanket rule to get it started though.

In this case, say an invoice is  done on the 1st Feb, the customer receives 7 days terms to pay so when it is not paid by the 22nd Feb their account is automatically limited to prevent further sales until they have their overdue invoice paid. 

I currently manage the AR for a client using DEAR offering terms from COD, NET7 etc up to 30 Days EOM. While DEAR manages his receivables much better than the last program he had in place by not having a limit of terms when exceeded still leaves a HUGE opening for customers to keep paying late. Cash flow is important.

In DEAR, Sales staff don't look at aged balances prior to processing a new sale (too time consuming), they only notice when customers are over their limit, so if no warning they keep on processing new orders and accounts get to chase the still overdue amounts.

In most cases payments are typically overlooked and most customers are happy enough to make a payment/commitment while on the phone placing their new order. End result, we all get paid quicker.

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10 people like this idea
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