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More options to put a customer on Credit Hold

If understand correctly, the only way to place a customer on Credit Hold/Stop Credit is for them to reach their credit limit.

However, reaching credit limit is not the only reason a customer may be placed on Credit Hold.

So the current workaround suggested by Dear is to change their status from Active to Deprecated, however this could indicate they are an obsolete customer.

It would be great if we could have the ability to perform either/both of the following additional methods for Credit Hold:

  • Have a simple check box on the customer's Dear profile which puts them on Credit Hold, and disallows adding/fulfilling/shipping/processing new and existing Sales Orders or Invoices. Ideally you would be able to set User permissions as to who has the ability to Edit the Credit Hold status of a Customer
  • Along the same lines as the credit limit function, create a rule whereby when the Customer has outstanding amounts overdue (which is determined by their payment terms) they are put onto Credit Hold, until payment has been made. With the 2-way sync in Xero this could work really well. Ideally you would be able to have an editable 'grace period' from when the customer reaches overdue to when Dear puts them on Credit Hold... e.g. overdue by X days.. the X should be customisable in General Settings

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This is a very important function, 

A customer can be within their credit limit but have not paid 30 days after the payment is due, an option to set a credit time limit should be available as well

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This needs to be a feature - and soon, super important when managing your debtors! There should be the ability to easily place a customer on credit hold

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The thread I started more recently (didn't find this one at the time) asking for the same thing has been updated last month to planned so fingers crossed it's not too far away. Link below to my thread.

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This is a vital function for our organisation too.

DEAR Support - please implement this feature

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