• Basic reports on customers are missing. 

    For example the ability to export customer list with address and attribute information (wholesale and retail).  The suggestion from DEAR copy and past each address individually for over 500 customers would take days to complete!!!

    DEAR please look at reports and make changes as this creates a major issue for us, one that would require us to move to another system.

  • DEAR please review these comments in relation to the reporting module. Your users, us included, are crying out for a better reporting system and we are all having problems accessing basic information we should be able to obtain. One of the key components to inventory management is information. Its all in the system but we just can't access it the way we like. Its clearly a design floor in the flexibility created in the reporting module. Every time we contact support we are told to post to the community forum but nobody seems to be looking at this.

  • We have just moved from Tradegecko/quickbooks commerce to DEAR, feeling disappointed in the lack of reporting function with DEAR as it all seems like basic requirements that were part of tradegecko/ quickbooks commerce (we only stopped using this because they were brought out by quickbooks and only available in the US now).

    I agree with George, most of the information is there but the system wont allow us to export or use it the way we need. With quickbooks commerce you could choose the fields to export and then create your own custom reports.

    Has anyone found any work around or use of external integrations that help with extracting data for reporting.

    If no solutions then we will seriously need to look at finding another option.

    DEAR SYSTEMS are there any plans to improve reporting functionality?

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for the valuable input.

    Kindly use the Easy Insight Integration with DEAR to achieve the desired customizable reporting.

    Kind regards,

    DEAR support team.

  • After 5 years, it's a bit disappointing to just get pointed to a third-party app. I suppose we'll need to pay an additional $50 per month API fee just to give it access as well, on top of their subscription costs, right?

    When is Dear going to actually look at improving reporting?

  • Completely agree with Wesley, it’s astounding that Dear’s response to this long-standing issue is to suggest that we pay another company to use the data that is already in Dear to form basic reports. Alexandra, or any other Dear team member, is there any plan to implement an improvement to the reporting module in the future? There doesn’t appear to be another user suggestions or report module update in the roadmap.
  • yes i agree

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