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The ability to define new reports seems essential when you have data that is not currently available in any existing reports.

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  • I agree with Wesley. Unlocking all available fields would be the grail! Unlocking customer's addresses in the sales reports would be a good start :)

  • 'Almost useful' this is so true. You'll get about 80% there with a report, only to hit a brick wall. 

    The worse part is trying to explain to the higher ups that you can't report on such simple things. You get that bemused look of 'why not on earth not?'.... and you just have to sort of shrug and agree with them.   

  • Agree. A custom report with all fields available would be useful

  • Agree, i get so close with a report but its never exactly what i need. a fully customisable report would solve a lot of issues. 

  • I agree with all comments here.  I just started to use DEAR and am frustrated by the lack of some customizations on the reporting, especially when I have nearly everything I need but it's impossible to get to 100%  (just submitted feature request).  

    Hopefully Phil's dreams come true soon!

  • I'd like a report that can highlight dead stock or tell me how many months worth of an item I have.. currently I have to: 

    1. generate a "what's in stock report" 

    2. generate multiple "what sold" reports... because the report can only do one year at a time... (I have a tool shop and not every product sells every year...)

    3. open in excel run =iferror(vlookup( ....)) to merge all the sales for the same item...

    4. open the "what's in stock report" in excel and run =iferror(vlookup( ....)) to find sales for each item if any.

    MYOB's Retail manager showed in the product window the "sales per month" and Stock-On-Hand... it was so easy...

  • Custom Reporting that actually allows us to pull joined data from multiple tables is essential.    

    @Dear - If you combined all the different Report related requests & comments and studied them, many of them would ultimately equate to the same thing:-

     - We need to access more fields via a custom reporting tool so we can create and save our own bespoke reports that use the wealth of data in the ERP to report key information back to us. 

    The comment Ross made over 1 year ago is on the money  - All fields from a module need to be available for a custom report.  


  • @Dear - same requests from some other users here:-

    Search 'Reports' in the Forum and there are a huge number of specific requests that could be fixed by the previous suggestions:-

    So many of these specific requests are stuck because they aren't being 'upvoted'.  If all Report related requests were considered a request against the Reporting Module you would get a better idea of the importance of this issue.

  • Quite the disappointment that DEAR doesnt have the function to build your own reports - I agree, the report options are excellent, but there's always just one thing that doesnt quite give you the info you want. 

    ALSO another issue is the fact that you cannot customise the pivot table settings - ie what it should do with a field. give average, or sum of, or max. 

    if the report is designed to give you the SUM OF QUANTITY or WEIGHT - you cant ask for it to give you the average. 

    This is a very basic functionality.

    PLEASE give us free reign on the reports pls - or give me a way to download the RAW DATA -then we can build our own reports in excel - but even this I cannot find

  • I agree with John’s above request. It would be great to be able to automate “DAILY” reports io games

  • I also agree that the entire reporting section needs to be reexamined to allow for more customisation. The problem always seems to be that we are pulling off multiple reports and stichting them together rather than just being able to customise what we need in a report. For instance you cannot report on stock levels in bins across a company or a single location without exporting the full availability list or using the inventory aging report which lacks basic requirements for analysing this data. 

  • We are new to DEAR and my initial assessment is that DEAR reports need an urgent overhaul. The pre defined reports are clunky and the customization options are extremely limited and different from report to report. Agree with all the comments in this forum that all fields need unlocking and truly customisable report builder.

    Contacted DEAR and they suggested I post on the forum although it looks like no one from DEAR has been monitoring this for a while.

    In adding to other user suggestions on reports Id find the following helpful:

    - Ability to get sales data and pull reports by fulfilment status and invoice status filter options. Only one report currently exists but no report has both these filter options together nor do the reports with these options show the sales data with this - seems like a basic requirement

    - Reports that can show expected or potential profit/margin on sales - currently COGS only post when goods are shipped so getting margin information is only accurate for sales fulfilled. But there is no sales report where we can filter to fulfilment. Further to that the inventory cost information is in the system even if goods haven't been fulfilled so it would be great to be able to see what expected profit is on sales that haven't been fulfilled as well.

    - The ability to pull comparative data and set comparative periods so you can see data and compare it to a period of choosing

    - The custom filter has issues in it - I reported an issue that when trying to select certain customers to filter out not all my customers showed. It literally only showed letter A-C. Response I got was that it only populates a set amount of options so if you have lots of customer cards it won't show - this is clearly a fault and needs urgent fixing

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  • In addition to the existing feature requests for reports in this thread, I would like to suggest that the automated report be sent with the report included as an attachment, rather than providing a link to download. This way, it would be easier to automate downloading the report.

  • Wanting to pull a report from DEAR POS - we are looking at changing our store hours and hence want to see which stores if any do sales prior to 9am and on average how much - there doesn't seem a way to pull this.

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