Inventory / Sales Demand forecasting

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Inventory demand forecasting Based on historical sales data, have a re-order point (when to order) and a quantity order point (How much to order)

Be able to integrate with

Or at least export TSV files matching Lokad criteria to be able to import into Lokad for demand forecasting

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  • I have ended up writing a very complex excel sheet using power query and exporting reports from Dear.

    It works very well. But it a complex and cumbersome solution. All the formulas and calculations are not that difficult. They could be easily integrated into the Backend of Dear.

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  • Hello Hans

    Would you be amenable to sharing your excel based tool with me?  this is the biggest area of concern for me with Dear since forecasting demand and thus product cover is my single biggest business issue....

    My email address is:   Thanks and kindest regards


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  • I think that instead of trying to add a load of new non core features either paid or not, you should re focus on the core operation of Dear. It has so much potential however some basic core features are still not operational. I have to do a stock take every month to correct issues with not being able to adjust auto bill of materials assembly when generated at an order level to substitute out of stock parts. We still use a whiteboard to know exactly what stock we have.. This is not good. And yet it has so many other great features... Its a little frustrating sometimes.

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  • Before Dear get to including a forecasting tool, could I suggest that the Re Order function be altered to have a minimum stock level and a MAXIMUM stock level. 

    As for a forecasting tool, If I can prepare spreadsheets that allow me and my staff to see stock availability, average stock turn, stock on purchase order and when it's estimated to land, I recon Developers at Dear should be well placed to include a tool with little or no added cost.

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  • Totally agree, some basic functionality needs to be incorporated into the standard system - as we are relying on spreadsheets to do this work - standard MRP functionality should be developed with a way of classifying your cycle stock and period.

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  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add "Inventory / Sales Demand forecasting" to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

  • I don't see this on the roadmap ???

    Am I blind, or is it not on there...

  • Dear - can you please link the inventory / sales demand forecasting?

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