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Inventory demand forecasting Based on historical sales data, have a re-order point (when to order) and a quantity order point (How much to order)

Be able to integrate with

Or at least export TSV files matching Lokad criteria to be able to import into Lokad for demand forecasting

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  • If I have to pay extra, I'm going to use a service that is specialized at forecasting and has a strong reporting UI like Inventory Planner.  I think what people are saying (at least myself anyway) is that they'd like a basic forecasting package as a value added for what they are paying now in the regular subscription fee.  If I were you, I'd focus on making dear's current functions better and leave the forecasting module to others.  My opinion.

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  • I wish DEAR was planning on including the basic forecasting for free in the standard DEAR pricing model. Would DEAR consider this?

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  • I was also under the impression, that the stock forecasting was requested by users as part of the standard DEAR subscription, which is already not exactly cheap.

    For our business needs, the basic forecasting functionality as charted in the table makes sense, provided it is part of the standard subscription we already pay for.

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  • I agree that at least a very basic forecasting function should be free on the dashboard. But to implement are more complex forecaster, maximum I would pay is $10-20 a month.

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  • I think this would be a useful feature, but that pricing is laughable...

    Also, why has it taken 4 years for this to be implemented, or started to be implemented?
    There is clearly a need for this.

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  • Our business does not need this kind of forecasting at this time.

  • I wouldn't mind a production planning/ scheduling function that can tell me what my production lead time is.  Where I can enter a production time at the creation of an Assembly Order.  A report can then give a total of production hours of pending Assembly Orders.  This would help me plan better and improve customer feedback on when they can expect to receive an order.

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  • a basic forecasting system should be a core function of Dear... additional functionality and reporting would could be a up sell option but basic ability to view sales per item, group of items over a determinable period of history and beyond the previous 12 months and auto order accordingly is a minimum requirement in my opinion.  Back in my first quickbooks product was able to easily report sales per weekend from that it was easily possible to place orders and this was free more than 12 years ago.

    The ability to also place purchase orders directly for customer sales orders would be a great option.

    The pricing of the forecasting proposal is simply way too expensive.

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  •  A piece of software like Lokad is far outside our affordability currently. What would be handy in Dear is if you could have something that if it notices you ordering the same thing in multple times inside a pre-defined time frame it suggests a number to increae the Min before order and the Reorder Quantity, or vice versa.

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  • Basic forecasting would be very useful to me, but I expect that this should be included in the regular subscription rate, not something that costs more. Perhaps charge more for the more advanced features. You need to be careful, as you seem to think that you can just charge us for updates, like notifications, which really should be standard features. You will reach a point where the cost of switching to another service will no longer be greater than the cost of staying!!

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  • Basic forecasting would be very useful - it is something we have been missing since moving to DEAR, currently we need to run several reports and then use pivot tables to combine them to come up with something that is still clunky and not completely accurate.  I believe it should be something that is already available on the Dashboard and not and additional cost - order forecasting is a very basic and important portion of Inventory control.

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  • Basic forecasting should really be standard for inventory management software. 

    Dear Inventory's blog continually promotes the advantages of having a cloud based system to track inventory and but here we are still exporting sales data to excel to calculate our reorder points because the basic functionality is just not there yet

    The B2B portal, POS and integration updates are all great but the core product still needs improvement.

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  • Some simple sales forecasting and planning module must be, as well as visualization of planned purchase orders vs sales forecast for quick identification of possible stock-out/ overstock.

    Currently I can see only quantities on order with dates when goods should arrive per SKU. When you are analyzing stock levels vs planned orders vs current sales it is a real headache to open each SKU, check quantities and dates when product will arrive and to align this info with sales trends/forecast....

  • I agree that this is something that should be included, and not extra. Other people in our industry look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them our inventory software doesn't do any forecasting - I feel this would make Dear very uncompetitive in the future if people have to pay extra for something that is included elsewhere. But that being said, we are desperate for this feature - are currently doing like others with exports and pivot tables - and would pay extra for it. 

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  • $99 USD (for an Australian company) to do what Excel can do almost as effectively is a bit rich. We could use it but we wouldn't be prepared to pay for it. 

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