Fieldcode for the Document Template for Sales Opportunity

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It would be great if you all could consider adding the following fieldcode for the Document Template for Sales Opportunity.

 1)mailmerge fields (under addtitional Attributes, see pictures):-
a. INCO Terms (additional attributes1)
b. Lead time (additional attributes1)
c. Validity (additional attributes3)

2) Mailmerge Fields for Customer Currency (eg. SGD)

3) Do also advise the mailmerge fields for Company Tax percentage % (eg. 9 in Tax 9%)

4) Mailmerge Fields for Product Description (similar to the product description in Sales Quote) 

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  • Commenting on behalf of the customer

    Please kindly add the Field Codes for Sales Opportunity Document Template.

    As the report would be incomplete if these basic quote information like
    currency, leadtime, product description, etc are missing.

    Please consider these in coming updates.

    Looking forward to the update in new release.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Happy Chng Koa Heng

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