Add 'Stock on Hand' Report to Automated Reports

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Hi team,

Currently the reports most similar to an automated 'Stock on Hand' do not meet the total needs of a Stock on Hand report. The two most similar reports that can currently be automated are the:

  1. Lot Expiry Report
  2. Product Stock Level
They lack in the following areas:

  1. Lot Expiry Report - only shows items that have a lot code and expiry.
  2. Product Stock Level - does not show expiry or lot code

I would like to see a report added to the Automated Reports section which replicates the information shown in the 'Stock on Hand' export that is a available from the Inventory --> Products page. This report has everything required: SKU, Product Name, Bin Location, Lot Code, Expiry, QTY in each Bin.

Please let me know if this is implementable and, if yes, a lead time for something like this to be completed.

Rob | LIFEAID Beverage Company

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1 person likes this idea
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