Expanded Component List in Purchase Order Templates and WMS Receipt Process

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Description: We utilize DEAR Systems for our inventory management and have identified a need for enhanced visibility both in our purchase order templates and during the receipt process in WMS. Specifically, we require the ability to view an expanded list of components for our assembled products or kits, akin to the Expanded Pick List-BOM used for sales. This feature would greatly benefit our receiving process by ensuring that all parts of a kit are accounted for during the receiving phase and in the WMS.

Current Challenge:
Currently, the Expanded Pick List is the only document that can print components of assembly items. The mail merge fields used in the Expanded Pick List-BOM are not available for customization in purchase order templates. Additionally, during the PO receipt process in WMS, kits are not expanded into their individual components. These limitations hinder our ability to have a detailed breakdown of all components during the receiving process and in the WMS.

Proposed Solution:

Introduce mail merge fields in purchase order templates that mirror those in the Expanded Pick List-BOM.Allow these fields to provide a detailed breakdown of all components for assembled products or kits.Ensure that this feature integrates seamlessly with the current system configuration to avoid disruptions in other processes.Allow the WMS receipt process to expand kits into their individual components, providing a clear view of all parts during the receiving phase.


Enhanced accuracy during the receiving process and within the WMS.Streamlined inventory management with a clear view of all components.Improved purchasing decisions based on accurate component tracking.Efficient and accurate processing in the WMS, reducing potential errors and mismatches.

We believe that these features would be valuable additions to DEAR Systems, benefiting not only our organization but also other businesses with similar requirements. We kindly request the development team to consider these features for potential inclusion in future releases.


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