Order routing from Shopify to Cin7- Capture sale at POS location and fulfill at main warehouse location

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We have instances where a customer goes into one of our stores to purchase a product but the store doesn't have any physically in the store. So the store staff place an order via Shopify POS with the fulfillment location as main warehouse (for us to ship direct to the customer). We do this so the sale is captured at the store POS location. Unfortunately when the order routes from Shopify to Cin7 core the fulfillment locations flows through as the POS location and not our main warehouse location as mapped in Shopify. Resulting in us having to transfer units from our main warehouse to their POS location in order to complete the SO on CIn7. We also pick and pack using the Cin7 WMS, with the sale not flowing through to our main warehouse location we have to manually pick, pack and ship these orders rather than them being automated with our other daily picks. 

If you could fix it so that orders route from Shopify to Cin7 as they are in Shopify, this would then route the orders into our daily picks for us to pick them with the Cin7 WMS app. We are also wanting to set up click and collect at our POS locations and this fix (in reverse) would allow customers to place an order online (currently routed to our main warehouse location) but fulfill them in-store.



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  • Hi Paul,

    Is it possible to show a video of this process? Specifically how the location is changed in Shopify POS. We want to try and replicate it.

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