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Hi, we have updated "Minimum Before Re-order" and "Reorder Quantity" in the general tab of Product details, the result of it is in the product re-ordering Report the re-order quantity is getting multiplied by the number of locations created in system.  

There is an option provided to check the stock levels on product level and on location level more details can be found in link below:

We want the Product re-ordering report should be dynamic i.e. depending on the selection made in setting - Product process customization - Minimum before re-order set for, the report should either show the result based on "All Product Units" i.e. it should not multiple with the number of locations, and if "Each Location" is selected then the result should show location wise.

Would be happy to know if there is any alternate option available to get the above expected result.

Thanks & Regards,

Prashant Thakkar

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