Simplify the stock adjustment/stocktaking feature by removing the "Zero" and "NonZero" stock setting.

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If it's a new system (first SOH import), it's super easy to load in stock because the setting would be "Zero" and the qty field will be the stock level. However, when there's already stock in the system, you need to specify whether that product is "Zero" or NonZero" stock for the bulk import to work. This is an absurd/ridiculous thing we need to do. Why can't we just upload the value of what the stock should be and the system must accept it? Whether the status is Zero or NonZero is irrelevant and is a complicated step that makes a 10 minute job an hour ordeal if you have multiple locations to deal with.

Currently, if we want to do a bulk update, we would need to do a SOH export out of Core, new stock values on another sheet, and then we need to cross-reference the stock manually in Excel to figure out what the stock setting must be. There is not a single other IMS that does this. Please make the stock adjustments easier by removing this Zero/NonZero stock setting.

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  • Agreed, it's been a right pain.

  • Zero-Stock is used to manually include a cost of the item therefore as long as you have costs for all the products, you can use "zero stock" for all the products without any differentiation between zero or non-zero stock.

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7 people like this idea
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