WMS - Ability to show and scan individual BOM items

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Hi Team,

For products with BOM where we have auto-assemble on it means we can;
  • Sell products individually or in bundles, whilst keeping accurate track of stock for both, excellent!

However, when it comes to PICK/PACK on the WMS, because we have not physically created the items into bundles / a single package, there is no single barcode / SKU to scan.

Suggested Solution
What I suggest for any SKU/Product, where it has a list of BOM;
  • The WMS shows the main bundle SKU (as it currently does) - no real change required
  • Introduce a plus button beside the main bundle SKU, where once touched, it wiill expanded downwards and show the individual individual items that are needed to create the main bundle SKU

This would solve both issues in that;
  •  If the bundle is already made in advance with a single barcode, nothing changes. The WMS user will simple scan on the bundle SKU/barcode and the main item will turn green
  • If the bundle is not made in advance, the picker/packer can press the plus button, to show the BOM materials required, in which they can scan individually. Once all the individual BOM items have been scanned, then the main SKU on the WMS will turn green

I don't thinik it is just ourselves needing this to be honest, it is very critical that something like this is implemented (or some other solution), otherwise there is no validation that all items have been picked/packed correctly, to make the bundled product.

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