Faire Integration Update - Sync Shipping Cost Back To Faire

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The current integration with Faire is excellent but is missing one crucial element; it does not return the shipping cost to Faire.

The integration imports the order and then sends back the tracking number, but for some reason, the shipping cost is not sent back to Faire. The result is that we have to manually copy and paste the shipping cost back into Faire, thus defeating the purpose of the integration because we still have to copy and paste the shipping cost for every order manually. The large volume of orders through Faire makes this a time-consuming task. 

Further complicating this issue are current Faire updates allowing the customer to pay for an order when it ships. The result of this change on Faire is that we get locked out of editing orders when the integration sends back the tracking number, making it impossible for us to add the shipping cost manually. Therefore we have to cover the shipping cost on these orders.

The integration with Faire needs to be updated to sync back the tracking number AND the shipping cost. This update needs to be implemented immediately as we are losing money on shipping for many Faire orders.

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