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Hi Team,

Scheduled picking

  • We have "Sale order picking scheduled" to scheduled, which works fine
  • The workflow is that we first check all customers tickets, then we schedule all orders, apart from orders where a customer wants to cancel / change item / change address / fraud etc etc etc.
  • This allows the warehouse team to start working on orders straight away, and the orders that need to be changed can be excluded from the scheduled list, until the necessary changes have been made by the support team, who can then re-schedule them back in.
  • Now this process gets repeated constantly throughout the day, where the support team checks orders, checks tickets, then schedules them to the warehouse team. This can cause delays to orders in the warehouse, because they are waiting on the support staff to schedule new orders.

To reduce this delay, we could try do the opposite

  • Have all SO auto-schedule on import, and we simply de-schedule the SO that need to be rectified (due to change of address, cancellation, fraud etc)

Sale order picking scheduled can be set to ALL

  • With this option on, all orders will appear on the WMS. However it causes an issue
  • If we need to remove a SO from the scheduled list (pick) on the WMS, unfortunately it is not possible with this method
  • This is because instead of programming the inventory platform (Sales > Fulfillment) to auto-schedule jobs (excluding backordered etc), the function has been programmed to the WMS app where is simply ignores the 'schedule for picking / selected for picking' list that is through the online website


  • If DEAR had auto-schedule to apply on the website (Sales > Fulfillment), then we could easily select an order that needs to be removed (through the online website), simply by selecting the SO, and clicking on 'clear pick schedule'

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