Unstock Saved Details Disappearing when Authorise Credit Note

started a topic about 2 months ago

Currently, when you save a draft credit note you are able to save both the unstock details and the credit note details. When approving the credit note you must approve the credit first and then the unstock, however once the credit is approved the saved unstock details disappear. After reaching out to the support team we have been advised that this is by design which doesn't make sense and seems flawed. Why would we be given the option to save an unstock if the save was going to be deleted anyway?

Since Cin7 Core does not allow a second approver for invoices or credit notes, we have our team raise the credit as a draft and then a second individual will approve these before they reach our accounts system. Due to this, it is very frustrating that the unstock details are deleted whenever the second user approves the credit. 

Is this able to be amended so that the unstock details do not delete when the credit is approved?

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