Need Urgent Improvement on Cin7 --> Allow zero in price column in CSV Import method to create SALES ORDER

started a topic about 2 months ago

Hi Support team,

I really need your help. Currently we are facing a problem, since put zero in the price column in CSV file is not allowed. When we do that there is a pop up error while importing the CSV file to Cin7 to create SALES ORDER. Currently we are doing the manual changes from zero other positive value in the excel, so it can successfully import to Cin7, but then we need to change it back become 0 again in the sales order page (which is very not effective and potentially error typing). 

Can you please help to modify the rules, so input zero price in CSV (which is common in any business for a free product) is allowed, and then we can successfully import it to the Cin7 SALES ORDER page. Thank you in advance, and really appreciate it.

Note: We have a long discussion with Nipuna from Customer support about this, but not solved yet. That's why we agree to escalate this.

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